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Tagbilaran Travel Agents

Tagbilaran Travel Agents

It is definitely and quite fascinating how the famous mounds in the beautiful island of Bohol were formed. These mounds, recognized the around the world as ‘Chocolate Hills’ (thanks to the dry season that gives its brown appearance), are one of the major attraction for tourists and visitors. The blessed island of Bohol has a lot in store for those who love nature tripping. It is truly indeed, that in this lovely island of Bohol, nature has been the real attraction.

The City of Tagbilaran

Tagbilaran City is one of the principal cities of Bohol Island. The city is known as the ‘City of Friendship’ in which exemplary hospitality could be experienced by all who stay and appreciate the place. Tagbilaran City has been the entryway or gateway of the island of Bohol in terms of tourism and industry. Tagbilaran City has been the island’s opening for tourists to experience the wonders of the Chocolate Hills and the Philippine Tarsiers. Accommodations are available and have never been a problem for tourists who would be staying at Tagbilaran City. Since tourism is one of the main industries of financial growth and stability, the local government continues to sure that accessibility, in terms of transportation and basic commodities, are given due attention. Without a doubt, the moniker ‘Fiesta Island’ is a rightful title for this breathtaking island.

Bureaus for Travel and Accommodation

Eco-Tourism, with great pride in asserting it, has been the island’s main tenet why tourists and visitors come and enjoy the beautiful island. Other than the Philippine Tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills, the island is so blessed with lovely white sand beaches which provide perfect relaxation. In order to organize the influx of tourists, travel agencies are definitely available for the tourists needs locally and internationally. Angel’s Wings Travel and Tours could arrange accommodations and itineraries in Bohol Island. The said agency is located at Gallares Building, Tagbilaran City. Situated at Gallares St., Tagbilaran City, another can be spotted and that is the Dream Island Travel and Tours. Everglory Travel and Crewing Agencies, Inc. is another noted tour agency and is situated at #136 C. Gallares, corner C. Putong Street, Tagbilaran City. There are a lot in the list and as a tourist interested in going to Bohol Island, definitely the internet is the best source of updated information regarding travel agencies’ contact details. As a traveler’s tip, being prepared is always the best thing to consider traveling and these agencies of travel can provide assistance big time.

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