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Legazpi Destination Guides

Legazpi Destination Guides


Legazpi City is recognized by several prestigious organizations for its potential and the recent boom of its economy and infrastructure has aroused a lot of curiosity especially among tourists. There are several Legazpi destinations that one ought to visit when in this city in Bicol and these are just among the wonders of this highly urbanized city.

The Legazpi City Museum

Many people learn not off the textbooks but through visuals and sensory experience. The Legazpi City Museum found in Albay showcases the rich history of the entire Bicol region with emphasis on Legazpi. This Legazpi destination is not just for those who have a keen interest in Filipino history and culture, anyone even children can enjoy a trip to the Legazpi City Museum. Legazpi City Museum is divided into several parts and one will notice that what stands out the most is the collection of antiques from ancient times when clans ran the city. There have been several archeological digs in Legazpi City alone and most of those found are on display here. Legazpi artists are also becoming known around the world for their passionate works of art and some of the most beautiful and thought provoking artworks are on display at the Legazpi City Museum. What’s good about the artworks on display at this Legazpi destination is it doesn’t focus only on the present era but there are also works that show the dominant styles of the past. The Legazpi City Museum is about 20 minutes away from the town proper of Legazpi City.

Mayon Volcano

Nobody goes to Legazpi without making a visit to the Legazpi destination of Mayon Volcano. What’s so great about a volcano, one might ask. This Legazpi destination is actually on the very top of the list when it comes to tourist attractions in Albay, having been considered as one of the world’s wonders. The Mayon Volcano is a little over eight thousand feet and it is the only volcano in the world that has a perfect cone. Eruptions of the Mayon Volcano are actually awaited because it is a spectacular sight especially at night when the red lava pours down its sides. Although the Mayon Volcano erupts more frequently now, such eruptions have not been considered threatening to the locals living nearby. There are also several souvenir shops at the foot of the Mayon Volcano where one can indulge on the affordable gift items that one can buy at this Legazpi destination.

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