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For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
Don’t just swim…explore!

Don’t just swim…explore!

Several tourists visit Philippine beaches for the warm and welcoming waters that embrace their ‘numb-stricken-due-to-cold-seasons’ embodiment. Of course, the number one activity everyone has while on a beautiful beach is to try its waters and swim, swim, swim and…swim. Well, guess what?! There’s a whole different way of enjoying the Philippine beach atmosphere other than just swimming!

If you are, of course, into swimming like a fish all day…hey, nobody’s stopping you. We do recommend, however, that you explore the islands and see what’s waiting to come out and surprise you. Besides, wouldn’t it be nicer and much more fun if you were to see, meet and mingle with different kinds of experiences? Well then, take your swimwear off and dive into the wonderful nature that awaits you!

If you wish to soak in the sun and see Mother Nature reveal herself in different forms, try Nature Tripping…go hiking, have a picnic! Remember, don’t just walk the paths to beauty, bask in its atmosphere, listen to the birds and swishing branches of the trees, take pictures, bask in the wondrous Philippine Nature. While you’re at it, why not go Island hopping, so you can differentiate the several scenic views.

Still not satisfied? Why not take a bite? It’s a favorite of many tourists…EATING DELICACIES! Don’t just order from Room Service, get out of town and try the dishes the locals have to offer. Get a taste of their exotic but delectable food and you’ll see that there’s more to food in the Philippines than just restaurant cooking! You can even try cooking the dishes yourself and ask for useful cooking tips from one of the locals! Go ahead and try!

Why not be a local for a day?! No, we are not telling you to switch places rather we encourage you to mingle with them. You’ll see that their not just rare and beautiful but warm hearted and kind as well.

Here’s a tip: enjoy the local’s festivities and activities! You’ll love it! You’ll enjoy watching their ways of celebrating and get to have a look of the different sights and sounds! We are telling you, don’t waste your money spending a whole week under water! Enjoy! Then, you won’t be just visiting the Philippine beaches but roaming Mother Nature’s lair.

See, there’s more to beaches than swimming! Discover the Philippine beaches’ hidden secrets and then you can say you’ve been in and out of one. We are telling you, don’t just swim…explore!

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