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Sagada Adventures

Sagada Adventures

If one relishes being enveloped by serene, peaceful, cloud-filled places that would gives some sense of utter peace of mind and internal relaxation, lo and behold…Sagada

If anyone here is burned out from the fast-paced, claustrophobic, and suffocated urban life, then Sagada is your best get away. One just need to go outside and take a stroll around town, and I assure you that you’ll find your special quite domain to hibernate, relax, introspect, or even contemplate nirvana..hehehe..I tell you, Sagada is the most conducive place for such introspection..

On the other hand, if you are quite the adventurous type, you will as well enjoy the over 60 underground caves lying beneath the town. The largest and most popular of which is Sumaging can be explored by anyone with the assistance of a local tour guide. Underneath, you will find your self amazed with the gleaming underground stream and splendid stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Or if you don’t feel like going underground(literally), you can always go for walk to Kiltepan tower and enjoy a panoramic view of the bowls of terraces embracing the place. Along the way, you can either bewilder or scare yourself with the Hanging Coffins along Echoe Valley. Or test your endurance and go to a trip to Bomod-ok falls. The terrain going there is quite a challenge, however, reaching the big falls and taking a dip is all worth it.

These among other great things await you at Sagada.

So if your either looking for adventure or a place to contemplate and find inner peace, Sagada will provide you both.


There are two ways to travel to Sagada. First, one can take a bus going to Sagada from Baguio, which inturn a 5-6 hour ride from NCR. This route enables travelers to experience the zig-zagging granfiose of the Halsema Highway, as well as the breath-taking Benguet countryside.

An alternative route would be to go via Banaue and from there Sagada is just 2 jeepney rides away. This route is somewhat longer with travel time at approximately 10-12 hours. However, this way offers travelers a glimpse of the famous Banaue Rice Terraces.


Looking for a place to stay would not be much of a problem. Lodging Houses and Pension houses are abundant in the place and have very low rates at around Php70.00 or less than $2.00 a night.

So start packing your bags and start booking reservations now.


  1. Sienna

    Sagada is a beautiful place. I’ve been to that place several times while growing up. My father used to bring us to beautiful places in the Mt. Provinces for vacations back when. Stop by Bontoc on your way to Sagada. Breathtaking! I just hope it is still unpolluted.

  2. clarence

    hi! can i just ask if ill be goin to baguio from sagada, how many hours would it take me to get to baguio? and is there a hi-way connecting the two beautiful places?

  3. jen

    hi!our group is planning to go up north late this month…do you think it is still advisable to visit sagada considering our very unpredictable weather?kindly advise me on this. i specially would like to try spelunking there.from what i heard, its one of the best places to explore. thanks and god bless…

  4. ashanti

    Yup!!!! children can go along with the oldies…they will surely enjoy the trip…the place is free from pollution….go and have fun in that place..Saint Joseph is one of the hotels that is very accommodating…


    hi to all
    just want to share my experience during our vacation in sagada. it was breathtaking. 14 hours of trip from manila to bontoc is worth it.
    people are so friendly. if you want to cook your own food during your stay you should book at travellers inn. it cost only 200 per head and you can cook also. i think you have to pass 3 mountains before you reach the sagada proper. youl’ll never regret your stay in sagada. ENJOY!!!

  6. Mai

    I went to Sagada alone last November 2008. I stayed at the Canaway Rest House and I absolutely loved it. The location is convenient and the couple who lives there are absolutely charming. Tell them you heard about it from Mai. I miss them! Oh, and Sagada is safe to go by yourself. Just watch out for yourself, and meet as many people as you can!

  7. barny

    hi… where can I find the “traveler’s inn” in sagada? the place that zusette mentioned.

    planning to go there this coming holy week… any advice?


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