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Bacolod Education

Bacolod Education

Just like all the highly progressive cities and municipalities in the Philippines, Bacolod City offers students good quality education and unforgettable learning experiences. As part of the extensive Bacolod education system, these universities and colleges offer young individuals wonderful opportunities to grow, learn and develop into mature, morally responsible and competitive professionals in the future.

University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos

People can find University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos along Lizarez Avenue, which was established in 1941. This school offers interesting scholarship programs for financially challenged individuals with very good grades. Its academic programs are very good including that of its College of Arts and Sciences. Under this, students can enroll in various courses like Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication. It also has the College of Engineering, the College of Business and Accountancy and the College of Information Technology. Additionally, it also features the College of Nursing, which is definitely one of the most popular these days.

University of Saint La Salle

Founded in 1952, the University of Saint La Salle is a private educational institution situated along La Salle Avenue. It promises academic excellence through its various programs including the Graduate School of Management, College of Nursing and College of Medicine. Under the College of Engineering and Technology, the university offers Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Meanwhile, the College of Business and Accountancy offers courses like Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Information Management and Business Economics. For those who want to enter the College of Arts and Sciences, they can enroll in courses such as Mass Communications, Inter-Disciplinary Studies and Computer Science.

Riverside College Inc.

Established in 1961, Riverside College Inc. is a highly regarded medical school for training and educating students in preparation for careers in the field of medicine. It offers non-degree courses like Certificate in Special Education, Certificate in Practical Nursing and Certificate in Live-In Caregiver Program. It also provides baccalaureate degrees such as Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology, Bachelor of Science in Psychology Major in Special Education and Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. It also runs a Graduate School for nursing students.

La Consolacion College-Bacolod

Established by Augustinian sisters in 1919, La Consolacion College-Bacolod is definitely one of the oldest colleges in Negros Occidental. People can find this prestigious private college at the corner of Gatuslao and Galo Streets, which offers new academic programs, all with outstanding quality. These include the English Functional Course, the Call Center Pre-Employment Training Course and the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program. More importantly, it provides students with highly convenient services that are highly beneficial in their learning such as the Speech and Science Laboratory, the Learning and Resource Center as well as the Guidance Service Center.

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