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Cebu Beach Guide

Cebu Beach Guide

Cebu is an island in the South of Philippines that is also called the queen city of the south. The capital of Cebu is Cebu city and it is a modern city with several companies and factories. Cebu is a place where the modern life of the city and the paradise of beautiful beaches meet. You can enjoy a laid back life in a beautiful beach in just one hour. Cebu is surrounded by beautiful beaches in the north, east, west and south.
1. Mactan Beaches – These are the beaches that you can find in the Mactan island. The island is also where the international airport can be found. The island has several hotels and resorts. Some have pure white sand others have the darker kind. The following are the famous resorts :

a.Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa – This is a world class hotel made some renovations which made it bigger. This hotel is more expensive than most resorts and hotels in Mactan. This hotel has a good view of the Mactan beach. They also have two large pools where guests can always swim in or play volleyball. Many families like the kids zone where their children can enjoy different games and activities. This is a large area where children can play. It has three floors which are all padded. It has a huge slide too.

b.Plantation Bay Resort and Spa – this is another world class hotel in Mactan. You can enjoy the beach with the white sands.

2. Beaches in Alcoy – Alcoy is a town in the south of Cebu. Alcoy has small coastline with white sands. The people live on fishing and mining as well. Alcoy has a beautiful area with mountains and some cliffs made of limestones. Tingko is the most popular beach in the town because there are wonderful rocks in the coast. The waters is clear and it is an ideal place for divers. This is also one of the cheapest beach in Cebu since there is no entrance fee. Tingko beach has one of the most beautiful sunset and sunrise in the country.

3. Daan Bantayan and Gibitngil Island

The island of Gibitngil is located in the town of Medellin which is in the northern end of Cebu. Many tourists nowadays have discovered this island. Many of them island hop during the day. The island has white fine sands that are compared to powder. The water is also crystal blue perfect for snorkeling fans and scuba diving enthusiasts. People in Gitbingil are peaceful people and they have recorded very low crimes in their area. You can reach the island from cebu via a bus bound for Medellin then via a motor boat going to the island.

Malapascua is a beach located in the island of Bantayan. Malapascua also has fine white sands and clear waters. It is drawing more tourists every year. It offers rich marine life and varied coral formations as well. There are many hotles and resorts in Bantayan and during the peak season there are several parties being held at night.

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