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Explore the Best Beaches in the World

Explore the Best Beaches in the World

The Philippine archipelago, consisting of more than 7,100 islands, offers some of the world’s best beaches.
Having a wide expanse of coastlines, the Philippines is endowed with beaches which have kept the tourism industry vibrant. As a matter of fact, tourists who have had the pleasure of experiencing the fine white-sand beaches of these paradise islands, more often than not, return for more of the ecstatic experience. The influx of tourists rises together with the ascending quality of services which Philippine beach resorts offer.

One cannot help but be enticed by the splendor that these tropical islands bring. For one, the island of Boracay in the middle part of the Philippines definitely boasts of a long beach line illuminated by fine white sand. The flame of beach enhancement in the Philippines is true even more in the southern parts of the country, where the islands of Camiguin and Siargao are situated. The former has the best hot springs one can experience, while the surf in the beaches of the latter is breathtaking. This, of course is to mention only a few.

Amenities in Philippine beach resorts are abreast with what others in the world has to offer. If relaxation be the issue, one’s vacation would be most relaxing and rejuvenating if spent just lying on the beach savoring the sunlight, or by being indulged and pampered in resort spas, or by the mere taking of a dip in the coolest and clearest waters of these world class beaches.

With the increase in both local and foreign investments in beach resort developments, the number of resorts as well as the number of patronage has increased, proving the viability of this business industry. But it is not only the beaches and its resorts which one can find in a visit to the islands, for festivities are held throughout the year in the different regions of the country.

These festivities celebrated throughout the islands are done all year round and are just as breathtaking as experiencing the beach itself. For one, the island of Kalibo, Aklan where the colorful ati-atihan festival is held is situated adjacent to Boracay Island and would take a matter of thirty minutes travel by motor boat. Thus, a visit to Boracay white beaches during the festivities would mean hitting two birds with one stone in terms of adventure.

In visiting the Philippine islands, one has to see, feel and experience the escapades that its beaches afford. You’ve never seen the world unless you have personally experienced the best beaches which none but the Philippines can offer.

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