Boracay Hotel Guide

Get to know the best hotels in the paradise island of the Philippines through the Boracay Hotel Guide. We are taking you to every boat station in Boracay where you will find hotels and resorts of any star and any kind.

The Folklore on How Manila Got Its Name

Nilad plants once proliferated along the banks of the Pasig River near its mouth that opens to Manila Bay. A folklore says this scene of Nilad plants that daily graced the windy delta area started talks of a kind and hospitable locality “where there is Nilad.” The folklore is a word-of-mouth record of Manila’s fine hospitality to all its visitors even before its discovery.

Philippines Dive Sites: A Must-See!

A visit to a tropical country like the Philippines gives you the opportunity to visit diving sites which are gateways to the world under the blue waters. Some of the famous Philippine dive sites are the ones in Anilao, Subic, Puerto Galera and Palawan. So, if you are planning to go somewhere along equatorial lines, visit the Philippines and experience its best dive sites.

Zamboanga Travel Guide

The Zamboanga Travel Guide gives a traveller every information you should know about the little Spain of the Philippines. Know where to stay, dine and what to find in the streets of Zamboanga and make this holiday one of the best you have ever had.

Baguio Travel Guide

An important Baguio travel guide to remember is that, when choosing a public transportation in Baguio City, Philippines, people ought to opt for one that’s available 24 hours a day. Baguio FX cabs are found ready for service 24 hours daily around Baguio. The same goes for most parts of the Philippines. So, a sure Baguio travel guide tip is often opt for an FX cab when touring Baguio City.