Smart Telecoms Doesn’t Seem to Want Me as a Customer Any More

Today’s fun Smart story… I have a 1200 consumable plan. I have Unlisurf and Trinet renewing automatically every month, this was set up back in November in the Smart store when I changed to this plan. Everything is good, my total plan is around P1600 a month inc. consumption. Now …

Baguio Personal Blogs

Baguio City is definitely one of the best tourist gems of the Philippines. This Summer Capital of the Philippines has attracted tourists and visitors alike because of its ‘cooler’ weather compare to the other noted tourist destinations and its unique heritage. Baguio City has become more than a city for relaxation and leisure; Baguio City has become a symbol of my personality, a place where I was able to see my place in this so-called reality.

Leyte Government Sites

The Province of Leyte in a Nutshell Leyte Provinces is considered to be one of the most historic municipalities of Philippines. It is one of the provinces that rebelled and reacted against the Spanish suppression. Leyte is also known because of the historic landing of the United States Armed Forces …

Dumaguete Sightseeing Guide

The Dumaguete sightseeing guide takes you around the gentle city of the Philippines and shows you the historical monuments and landmarks of Dumaguete City. Explore the Belfry tower, have a silent moment at the cathedral or find the archeologist in you in the anthropology museum of Silliman University.