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Boracay Restaurants

Boracay Restaurants

If ever Boracay is so popularly known nowadays, it is partly because of the delectable food that is offered in just about every corner of this paradise island. Boracay restaurants are as varied as the many activities that can be done while on vacation. Boracay restaurants are as satisfying as the kind of relaxing holiday the place offers.

Steakhouse Boracay Restaurant – Do you like eating steaks, Swiss-style? Well, here it is. The theme extends to the bearing of the whole restaurant so you get a nice ambience with great food. What’s more, you can get a good serving of schnitzel, sausages, and Hungarian specialties on board. [South of Boat Station 1, Boracay]

Artista Boracay – One of the most popular eating hubs in the area, this place combines good food with a soothing atmosphere. It is located at the rooftop of the Artista hotel, giving diners a panoramic view of the heavenly island while taking the heartiest Italian, Swiss, American, and Filipino meals. [www.artistaboracay.com; www.artistaboracay. Ph; info@artistaboracay.com; Diniwid Beach, Boracay; (6336) 288 5960; (6336) 288 6235]

The Rendezvous – Meditarranean cuisine is always interesting. And it is made even more delectable with the fusion of some exciting flavors. That’s what you get from this Boracay resto. [White Beach, Boracay; (6336) 288 6209]

Island Chicken Inasal – Barbecued chicken can’t be anywhere far from an island, right? That’s why this amazing restaurant sits closely to Boracay. This is a purely Pinoy joint, specializing in one of Philippine’s finest recipes, Chicken Inasal, which originated from another Visayan province of Bacolod. [D’ Mall, La Rotunda, Boracay; (6336) 288 6687]

D’ Hobbit House – If you like to be served with a variety of dishes from around the world, this is quite a good choice among Boracay restaurants. You get n enormous choice of pizzas and meat pies and everything else in between, your heart will sore. But one thing that makes this unique is the fact that service providers aren’t of the normal size, they are midgets in The Lord of the Rings sort of way. From the chefs to the waiters down to the attendants, the people running and supervising the restaurant are of your eye level when you are seated… wink, wink! [D’ Mall, La Rotunda, Boracay; (6336) 288 6887]

Ole Tapas Bar y Restaurant – There are not too many Spanish restaurants in Boracay, surprisingly. That doesn’t hurt much because the few are able to deliver the most satisfying Spanish meals that are delectable at any rate. Ole is one food joint you should not miss for those paella cravings and more. [www.oleinBoracay.com; D’ Mall, Boracay; (6336) 288 5940]

Zorba’s – Greek cuisine invades the wonderful island of Bora through this food hub. It offers authentic Greek meals served against a superb atmosphere. [White Beach, Boracay; (6336) 288 3837]

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