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Tacloban Destination Guides

Tacloban Destination Guides


Eastern Visayas is very proud of Tacloban not just because it is the largest city in the area but also because it is the center of all commerce, culture, tourism and government. The history of Tacloban is interesting and if it weren’t for these events that transpired in the past, Tacloban wouldn’t be where it is today. Many Tacloban destinations commemorate these significant events in history and these places are definitely worth visiting.

Boy Scout Monument

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines is a movement that is truly admirable because of the training they undergo to pursue their mission of serving the needs of many Filipinos. The Boy Scout Monument in Tacloban is in honor of the brave boys who strive to make a difference in today’s world. The monument itself at this Tacloban destination shows a boy holding a bamboo staff that has 8 nodes. The Philippine eagle on the flag held by the Boy Scout Monument shows this group’s concern for ecology and the rocks that are underneath the staute’s feet are meant to be the solid foundation of principles and values that the boy scout will bring into adulthood. The Boy Scout Monument is a favorite Tacloban destination because of the values it upholds and it is a constant reminder that there are still people who are trying to make a difference. On the very site of the Boy Scout Monument was held the 12th National Jamboree in 2002 that aimed to promote “scouting.”

Leyte Landing Memorial

This Tacloban destination also holds significance just like the Boy Scout Monument. The Leyte Landing Memorial was where General MacArthur first landed and the entry point of the American forces. The Battle of Leyte was held at this Tacloban destination and it was an event that saw the brotherhood of Allied forces and Filipino guerillas in their quest for freedom from the Imperial Japanese army. Leyte Landing Memorial shows the very spot where General MacArthur landed with his troops and there are even statues of the General and his men partly submerged in water walking towards land. The Leyte Landing Memorial was also the site of the biggest naval battle that the country has ever seen and it was a fight between the Allies and Japan. Although the Japanese troops resisted and put up a fight, they were defeated and this was the last naval battle of World War II. The historical significance of the Leyte Landing Memorial should not be undermined and this place has been recreated to make the visitor feel as if one is living during that time and seeing all the events unfold. To visit the Tacloban destination of Leyte Landing Memorial, there is a small entrance fee to be paid which is about Php 100.

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