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Zamboanga Travel Agents

Zamboanga Travel Agents

The titles ‘El Orgullo de Mindano'(The Pride of Mindanao), ‘The City of Flowers’, ‘Zamboanga Hermosa’ and “Asia’s Latin City” can only be donned in this place called ‘Cuidad de Zamboanga’ (in Spanish) or simply City of Zamboanga. Zamboanga City is also called the city of the Crescent and the Cross. The diverse influence from the different cultures that had been nurtured throughout the history had made the entire cultural and historical heritage of the present Zamboanga City. The marriage of the Christian and Muslim cultures seemed to be an ‘ebony and ivory’ combination that had played perfect tune, thus made the present Zamboanga City, indeed a wonderful place.

Festivals in Zamboanga City

The two dominant cultures (Christian and Muslim) created a strong bond of mutual respect and consideration with each other. For this reason, wonderful festivals are celebrated the whole year round. Christian holidays and feast, or Christian-themed festivities like Christmas (commemoration of the birth of Jesus the Christ), Fonda de Barangay or Fiesta de Barangay (feast of barangay’s patron or patroness saints), Fiesta de La Immacula Conception or the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (held every eight of December), Fiesta Pilar (Zamboanga Hermosa Festival), Flores de Mayo (Marian Feast involving processions and flower offerings) and Holy Week (Lenten Season) are celebrated annually with cultural, historical and religious significance. Muslim holy days such as ‘Eid al-Adha’ (Festival of Sacrifice or Greate Eid), Eid al-Fitr (or Hari Raya Puasa) and Isra Wal Miraj are among popular celebration the locals religiously commemorate or celebrate. The diversity in faith or beliefs, culture and heritage has found its perfect spot at the heart of Zamboanga City. The differences created a wonderful work of art that really attracted tourists and visitors worldwide.

A taste of Zamboanga City

Being at Zamboanga City is definitely a fun and adventure-filled stay. Zamboanga City’s local government is already aware of the influx of the tourists from all over the world, tend to flock at Zamboanga to experience and witness the Asia’s Latin City. Since 2003, Sky Quest Travel Agency had been one of the leading travel agencies that arrange Zamboanga vacation packages all year round. Their international tour arrangements have been very popular with tourists around the globe who are interested with spending their vacation at Zamboanga City. Sky Quest Travel Agency’s website is packed with updated information and some noteworthy trivia or details to promote tourism. Surely, it really pays to be updated.

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