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Palawan Government Sites

Palawan Government Sites

Experiencing the Island of Palawan

The Palawan Island is notable as one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines. The place was blessed with natural assets, thus the industry of Eco-Tourism is established. The best time to go to Palawan is within the months of October until May since the weather is defined by dry season and rain fall is atypical. Nonetheless, Palawan and its locals define happiness the whole year round trough various festivities. The following are some of the noted festivities that make Palawan’s culture more meaningful.

Paskuhan sa Kapitolyo

Commenced by the Regional Administration, it consists of a variety of bustles in blissful expectation of the Jesus Christ’s birth. Paskuhan concludes with the countdown upon entering the New Year plus a lot of fireworks display at the Capitol Grounds in Puerto Princesa City. The main draw of the Paskuhan is the huge Christmas display (that is animated) at the Capitol Park Square showing different subjects turning around the season of Christmas.


The Pagdiwata ceremony is a thanksgiving ritual and also calling on the gods of the forefathers for healing of sickness. It is a Tagbanua custom.

Kulambo Festival

Since Puerto Princesa City (main metropolis of Palawan) is considered to be a city within forests, extra precautions against insect bites, particularly against mosquitoes are emphasized by the local government. The ‘Kulambo’ (mosquito net) Festival is a sort of campaign to eradicate malaria in Palawan. The feast is highlighted by a parade or street dance with participants wearing get ups made of ‘kulambo’

Palay Festival

It is a festival that culminates the celebration of the Farm-Family Month.

Kasadyaan Festival

This is a feast in honor of San Agustin (Saint Augustine) and celebrated with sports events, cultural productions and related festive activities.

Founding Anniversary of Palawan Civil Government

It is the commemoration of the Palawan Civil administrations foundation. Extensive array of festive programs are initiated by the local government with involvement of government agencies and local units.

Palawan Island in a Nutshell

The island of Palawan definitely has a lot of festivals and merry-making related activities to offer tourists and visitors alike the whole year round. Consequently, the influx of the number tourists has been steadily growing. To have a glimpse of Palawan, one of the best sites to check is http://www.palawan.gov.ph/ which is the Palawan Islands official homepage. The said site is full of information a tourist could consider to be helpful for the travel and stay to Palawan and checking their web page is surely enticing.

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