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Different Dive Sites in La Union, Philippines

Different Dive Sites in La Union, Philippines

La Union is a province in the Philippines that belongs to Region 1. Situated in the west side of the Luzon Island, La Union has a number of reefs that are excellent sites for diving.

The Research Reef is a 10 minute travel by boat from Ocean Deep, a diving center in La Union. The dive site is from 25 feet deep which has a gradual drop down to 100 feet in the sandy seafloor. There are several caverns with tunnels large enough for a diver to swim through. Small cleaner shrimps and lobsters are abundant in the dive site.

The Tamayo Reef is located at the northern side of the Research Reef in La Union. The dive site has large coral heads. Tall valleys are also abundant. A certain area in the dive site is called Grouper Gulch because of the several sightings of large groupers in the area.

The Hashi Maru is a wreck dive site when a Japanese freighter sunk in 1941 in La Union. The dive site is in a sandy and muddy area so there may be times that visibility is not good. A diver will always have a fun dive in the Hashi Maru because of the many interesting things that still remains in the wreck.

The Radar Domes of Wallace, The Wallace Lighthouse, and The Voice of America are dive sites that are all situated in the Poro Point Peninsula. The reef of the dive sites starts at the shore and extends to about 300 meters away. There are many crevices and small holes within the coral formations and lots of fish species made homes in these dive sites. If there is rough weather, this would be the best dive site to go to in La Union because this is the last area to have bad visibility and the first also to get clear.

The Fagg Reef South starts at 20 feet and has a drop off of about 600 feet. The dive site has a gradual slope but its wall is not well defined. There are some timber on the south end of the dive site that are possibly remains of an old ship.

The Fagg Reef North is a dive site that contains a well defined wall from the north to the south end. There are also some coral heads with a number of fish species present in the dive site.

The Fagg Tanks is a wreck dive with M10A1E tanks that was dumped in La Union after World War II. Originally, there were 675 tanks on this site, but today, only 300 are left.

These dive sites in La Union are really worth a visit for beginners and experienced divers. Exploring the waters in La Union is an exciting indulgence.

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