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Enjoying Retirement in the Philippines

Enjoying Retirement in the Philippines

Retirement in the Philippines evokes thoughts of an easy life. Life in the Philippines, after all, is much simpler compared to the flurry of hasty activities in developed countries. But retirement in the Philippines can sometimes turn out another way when certain considerations are not taken seriously.

A pleasant retirement in the Philippines means to stay with closely-knit families, if not in one compound, then at least within the same locality. The culture of an extended family is something other countries do not have. Hence, retirement in other countries often end up in lonely seclusion, living alone or being in institutions for the elderly.

Retirement life is best spent with family, daily, with love ones, and especially with grandchildren. To many who spend their retirement in the Philippines, the consensus is that there’s nothing like being able to watch one’s grandchildren everyday, hearing them shout at play, seeing them grow up, and being part of their lives. And retirement in the Philippines means exactly that—a grand, longer time to spend with family, especially grand tots.

In case a retiree has no family here and yet retirement in the Philippines is still considered, the government has a safe program for adoption. People who seriously consider retirement in the Philippines without families to share retirement with can always avail of social welfare assistance to look for children to adopt. Adoption is better started early, some say.

The first phase of adoption may be spent in the orphanage premise. Just go daily to visit adopted kids at the orphanage. Then gradually the kids can be brought home. Spending retirement in the Philippines with kids is a change of pace and scenery. It’s something therapeutic and physically relaxing to watch kids at play or progressing in school and in stature. To many, this is a grand way of spending retirement in the Philippines.

Finally, another option is setting up a kids or youth club in the community of one’s residence. Retirees may opt to put up a baseball club, basketball team, choir, glee club, dance club, quest club, or mountaineering club and be head of it. Staying close with young people has a way of perking up vigor and forgetting age. This is an exciting way of spending retirement in the Philippines.

Relaxation and quiet is just one aspect of having one’s retirement in the Philippines. There can also be the adventure and compassion factors in it.


  1. Myra van Rensburg

    This is such an interesting topic – as i am seriously considering relocating to the Philippines also. The only difference is – i am a single woman – almost ready to retire. I do wish to get involved with projects and even adopt a child.
    Any comments/info would be appreciated.
    Any other South Africans living there ?

  2. sal

    I am interested in retiring in the Philippines..I am now 84 y/o but still active though I have to take insulin. I would prefer to live in Davao area since I have still some relatives there. I would need contact to rent and domestic help…I am not sure if folks would be trustworthy since I would be on my own. thanks.

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