Philippines Temporary Visitor Visa Guidelines

Do you need to stay in the Philippines for a short period of time? You’ll need a Philippine visa known as a Temporary Visitor’s Visa. This visa is issued to any foreign national who wants to travel to the Philippines for business, tourism, and educational purposes. The issued visa, however, is not a guarantee that the holder is automatically admitted. Immigration authorities assigned to every port of entry in the Philippines are the ones responsible for admission.

There are a nationals from certain countries who may enter the Philippines without a visa but should meet the following conditions. Their visit to the Philippines should not last more than 21 days. They should also hold valid tickets for their return trip or to their next destination. For the list of countries whose nationals are allowed to enter the Philippines without a visa you may visit the Philippine Government web site.

Brazil and Israel Passport holders may visit the Philippines even without a visa. These nationals should limit their visit to the country to 59 days or less.

The following passport holders are also allowed to enter the Philippines even without a visa. Those from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), British National Overseas (BNO), Portuguese Passports issued in Macao, and Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) Passport holders. They are only allowed to stay in the Philippines for seven days or less.

You can only apply for a Temporary Visitor’s Visa in person. Minors under 18 may be represented by someone responsible for them. But these minors will be required to appear in person with their representative for the Consulate interview.

You may apply for a Temporary Visitor’s Visa at the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate in your country. The minimum requirements for a Temporary Visitor’s Visa are the following: (1) passport or any travel document that has a validity of over six months after your visit to the Philippines, (2) your visa application forms, (3) any document that proves that you are a businessman or a tourist, (4) your tickets for your return home or to your next travel distination, (5) your payment for the visa fee, and (6) two passport photos.

Having a visa in your hand is necessary to be able to enter legally in the Philippines. And if you want to extend your stay in the Philippines, the Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines will be happy to help you secure the extension of your stay. Other visa information is available at the Philippine Bureau of Immigration web site.


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