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Laoag Transportation

Laoag Transportation


The beautiful city of Laoag is a great place to visit because of the many tourist attractions in this northernmost province of the Philippines. Ilocos Norte is being recognized as the best tourist destination in the north and the efforts of the local government in making sure their history is preserved is paying off. Another reason why the capital of Laoag is a favorite tourist destination is because of the accessible Laoag transportation that even visitors will feel safe and comfortable taking.

Getting to Laoag

Traveling by land, although could take a couple of hours is the main mode of Laoag transportation available to those coming from the southern part of the Philippines including Metro Manila. This form of Laoag transportation is frequently used by those coming from the capital of the Philippines and Pampanga. Aside from being affordable, the bus ride although long, is comfortable with air conditioned buses making at least 2 trips everyday. Choose from big names such as Philippine Rabbit, RCJ Trans, Victory Liner and GV Florida to help one get to Laoag safely. The trip should take 15 hours at most.

One can also rent a private vehicle to get to Laoag or use one’s own car and although this is the most comfortable mode of Laoag transportation via land, prepare to spend a little over Php1000 in gasoline, maybe more for high end luxury cars. If traveling with a group though and everyone wants to make frequent stops along the way, this could be a fun adventure for everyone.

For those in a hurry to get to Laoag, one can also travel by air with Philippine Airlines and other domestic carries making the trip to Ilocos Norte’s capital at least once a day. The plane ride is less than an hour and if one is coming from abroad, it’s a matter of finding a flight that lands directly in Laoag.

Getting Around Laoag

The local government of Ilocos Norte has made sure that their progressive city provides ample modes of Laoag transportation to every individual regardless of whether such individual is a resident or a visitor. There is a wide range of Laoag transportation options available once in the city itself and it includes jeepneys, tricycles and mini vans. The most commonly used is the jeepney though and this has a fixed route. For shorter distances, a tricycle can be ridden or a mini-van for a more comfortable trip.


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