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The Myth about Cats and Dogs

The Myth about Cats and Dogs

It’s universally observed that cats and dogs are often not in good terms. They usually go for a wild chase around the neighborhood. And this inspired the “raining cats and dogs” saying when there’s a downpour. Why do they treat each other thus?

According to a myth, cats and dogs were once good friends. They slept, ate, and played together. They were even always seen hand in hand strolling in various places. The myth says they never failed to help and support each other. Whenever one had any difficulty, the other readily helped.

Unfortunately, the myth says, something came between them and ended the good friendship. One day, the cat saw a piece of meat hanging on a clothesline. It was luscious looking, luring cats and dogs for an adventurous meat-snatching. The aromatic scent tempted the cat even more. But, according to the myth, she could not reach it because it was too high. Moreover, the cat’s arms and legs were short.

The cat remembered her friend, dog. The dog had always been there ready to help the cat anytime—the dog had always been the cats ever faithful back up. So, the cat didn’t think twice and immediately went to the dog, the myth adds. So the cat told the dog about the meat it saw hanging in the flail. The cat described it so picturesquely that it made the dog crave for the meat, too. The dog could almost smell the meat. As the dog listened further, a desperate desire to have the meat for itself developed, the myth adds.

According to the myth, the cat made the dog promise that once they got the meat, they would divide it between themselves. The dog agreed. But unknown to the cat, the dog had other vicious plans back in its mind. The myth says, the dog was hungry enough to even kill for the meat.

And so they went, the myth says, and the dog took the meat. But, instead of dividing it, the dog ran away to have the meat all for itself. According to the myth, the cat was so furious that it vowed to have the dog as its mortal enemy since then.

This simple story on the myth about how the cat and dog became arc enemies is a good lesson about how greed can destroy any friendship, even between cats and dogs. For a piece of meat, the dog turned its back to a long-time friendship.

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