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Panoramic Tranquility at Mines View Park, Baguio

Panoramic Tranquility at Mines View Park, Baguio

The Mines View Park is a highly recommended tourist spot to visit when in Baguio. The place is a must see for all visitors. Here’s what you can expect when you visit the Mines View Park.

A trip to Baguio won’t ever be complete if you won’t ever get to Mines View Park. You’ll be treated to a really breathtaking view of Benguet’s gold and copper mines and the beautiful contours of the Cordillera mountain region. The Mines View Park is the most visited spot in all of Baguio.

Mines View Park is just four kilometers from downtown Baguio. It’s just a jeepney ride away and is very accessible. If you plan to go to Mines View Park you should plan ahead to go there in the earlier part of the day. The regular afternoon fog might restrict your view of the landscape in the Mines View Park if you come there late in the afternoon.

The Mines View Park used to be a mining area for small-scale miners before the American occupation. Most visitors usually visit the place after making a stop at the Mansion or the Wright Park. An observation deck can be found in the Mines View Park. To get to the observation deck visitors will have to take the winding stone-covered stairway, which is right next to the parking area. The steps on the stairway can be quite slippery after some rain, so be very careful.

There are benches for visitors where they can rest and enjoy the view. For about Php 10 you can rent binoculars and take a spectacular view of the nearby valley and mountains. Native Igorot tribesmen also frequent the Mines View Park and would be willing to pose for a picture with the tourists for a few pesos. They may even rent their outfit to some tourists who would like to try them out.

At the entrance of the Mines View Park are stalls and cafes that cater to visitors. You can buy native handicraft, silver products, jewelry, and a variety of souvenirs. You’ll sure be tempted to sample the abundant strawberries, grilled or steamed corn on the cob, and other food served at the snack bars and small stores found at the Mines View Park.

A kilo of strawberries would cost around Php 150, but prices change every now and then. The food costs as much as regular food including the coffee.

A short walk from the Park is the Good Shepherd Convent where you can get delicious jams and native delicacies. While at the Mines View Park you might like to try horseback riding. Horses at the Mines View Park can be rented for a small fee. This is a favorite activity among the little kids.

If you want to see Baguio’s best, make sure to visit the Mines View Park first. You’ll get a panoramic introduction of what Baguio has to offer.

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