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Capiz, A Place to Stay

Capiz, A Place to Stay

When traveling through the Philippines, one destination you should go to is Capiz. It is a province connected to Iloilo, Aklan and Antique. Capiz is known for its “capiz” shells which are made into windows and other ornaments. It is the cleanest and greenest city in the Western Visayas.

Traveling to Capiz is very stress-free. You can have the option to take the bus, the van, the boat or the plane to get there. If you wish to fly, Roxas City has an airport going to and from Manila. If you love traveling on the road, you can take off at Iloilo City and take the bus going to Capiz which is approximately a two-hour trip. Taking the bus gives you time to explore the sights going to Capiz.

Roxas City is Capiz’s capital city which is also the seafood capital of the Philippines. The seafood there is cheaper than any other place. The oysters are also much cleaner and healthier. There are also other kinds of seafood like green shells, scallops and squid. Fish is also abundant in Capiz, especially bangus and the blue marlin.

Capiz has beautiful beaches and resorts. The Marc’s Beach Resort is located just outside Roxas City. This is a good place for relaxation. You can find lodging houses or inns around if you want to spend the night on the beach. The Flatrock Beach Resort is a place where some local artists and bands perform like the famous Barbie Almalbis.

They also have their famous original chicken house, the B’s Manokan that has the incomparable taste served with rice and garnished in chicken oil. The Burp is a new addition for places to take a time out and have coffee with friends.

When you feel bored and want to watch a movie, you can go to the Gaisano City Mall. You can also go shopping there of course. The Gaisano City Mall has boutiques like Bench and Penshoppe. They also have fastfood joints like Jollibee, Chowking and Red Ribbon if that kind of fare is more your taste.

The people of Capiz are very hospitable and accommodating. They see to it that tourists will have the best time of their lives. Many tourists who have visited Capiz were so captivated by its beauty that they decided to stay. There are villages that can provide the satisfaction they long for, a cool breeze, bright and sunny weather and a more simple way of life. They say that Capiz is a place where witches live but not to worry. Despite the myth of dwarves, monsters and evil spirits, Capiz remains quite enchanting.

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