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So that’s Dumaguete!

So that’s Dumaguete!

I thought Dumaguete was a province in Mindanao. I was wrong. Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental which is in Region VII in Visayas.

I thought that Dumaguete was a far-fetched and uninhabited island. Wrong again! Dumaguete is just a ferry-ride away from bustling Cebu and it is even tagged as “The City of Gentle People”.

History has it that its name came from the local word “daggit” which means “to snatch”. Dumaguete has this powerful charm to attract visitors and keep them for good. Its beauty had lured pirates to frequently attack the coastal town.
Recently, Dumaguete was dubbed as “the most child-friendly city”. That, for me, is a major asset. It is also known as a university town because of the many colleges and universities in this city which are open even for foreign students. And yes, business is booming in this area.

The tourism department of Dumaguete claims that this beautiful city is for the weary traveler, seeker of knowledge and nature lover, and the residents can speak English well and can understand Spanish.

That’s probably why most tourists are Westerners and Europeans.
Dumaguete is for the people who long for water and land adventures.

There’s a lot of beach resorts and dive sites there where you can also go dolphin and whale watching and scuba diving. If you’re into conquering the heights and the caves, you’ll be happy to learn that you are free to do spelunking and mountain trekking also.

But if your main objective of going there is to just chill and take in the view and relax, you can never run out of hotels to stay in and restaurants to dine in. You can request a tour guide from the tourism department if you want to go around the city.

What are the places that make this city famous? Since the inhabitants are dominantly Catholic, the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral Park is considered a century-old landmark. That gives a religious aura.

The Bell Tower is the oldest city landmark; it has remained the city’s watch tower since the Spanish times. The Siliman Veach is for the youth. It is where they unwind, especially on Sundays.

Rizal Boulevard is a seafront boulevard that has become the most popular promenade and jogging track for the health-conscious people. The rendezvous of most people there is the Quezon Park. It is lined with trees and it has a playground for kids.

With all the good things said about Dumaguete and the nice spots to visit there, it won’t take long before it becomes a favorite among tourists. So let’s go to Dumaguete!

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