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For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
Philippines Travel Guide

Philippines Travel Guide

This is the Philippines Travel Guide where we tour you around the Philippines and give you the best places to stay while in the Philippines. We will let you systematically travel from the northern parts of the Philippines to the southern parts of the Philippines so that you will experience the best this country has to offer.

Let us start with the Philippines Travel Guide by putting the two most important destinations in northern Luzon together. The first place of the Philippines Travel Guide is Baguio. Baguio is one of the coldest cities in the Philippines which also means that you will not have such a hard time adjusting to the intense heat yet since temperatures in Baguio go to a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius. Another spot located in northern Luzon, not far from Baguio is the Ifugao region where the 8th world wonder is located at. The attraction that we are talking about are the Banaue Rice Terraces that you absolutely cannot miss.

Let us continue to the capital of the Philippines with our Philippines Travel Guide. The capital is called Manila and one of the most noteworthy cities within Manila is Makati where the commercial district is located which means translated; shopping, shopping, shopping. If you are into designer labels or into cheap finds, Makati has anything and everything for you. You will also find your favorite delicacies from home in one of their specialty stores around Makati.

After shopping it is time for a good nights’ party and a little fun in the sun. Which better place to travel to than our next Philippines Travel Guide spot called Boracay, located in the Visayan region. You can just relax on the white sand beaches or party all day and night in one of Boracay’s clubs. Scuba diving is great as well and you might find some scary sharks. Let us take another hop from the party island Boracay to the sightseeing island of Bohol where you will see the famous Chocolate Hills and the Philippine Tarsier.

For our last two destinations we will have to travel a couple of hours to the southernmost islands of Mindanao. The first destination will be the historical city by the sea called Butuan which is located in the Agusan province. This city and its river is full of archeological finds, and who knows? Maybe you get so lucky you will find another golden statue such as the Golden Image of Agusan that was found in the river. The lat city in our Philippines Travel Guide is going to be the largest city in the world called Davao. In Davao you can finish off your last shopping needs and souvenir needs and then travel back to your home via the international airport.

Now, you have seen the entire Philippines with the Philippines Travel guide and you might even find more places to explore and experience within the Philippines. Enjoy the travels through this archipelago and get to know the different cultures and practices.

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