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Makati Restaurants

Makati Restaurants

Makati City is one of the municipalities and cities in the Philippines, specifically situated in the greater metropolitan area of the nation, that is considered to be not only very popular but also very profitable. Located in the Philippines’ National Capital Region, Makati City is known as the country’s central business district or what is more popularly called the Financial Capital of the Philippines. This is because most, if not all, of the headquarters of the international and local companies operating in the Philippines are located in this city. Various forms of businesses or industries are present in Makati City. The most prominent of all industries is the financial services industry. Other establishments include the consumer products industry, the business processing industry, and even the embassies of a number of nations are present in this city. However, we would like to focus our discussion to one of the successful businesses present in Makati City and that is the food business. Countless restaurants will be seen in Makati City and that’s the reason why even such industry is very successful in this city. Let’s mention and tackles some information on some of the restaurants of Makati City.

One of the highly recommended places is the Nuvo Restaurant & Wine Bar, which is located at the Ground Floor of Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati City. The place is ideal for yuppies or the young urban professionals as the ambience is so relaxing and is a perfect venue to unwind. There are nights when there are featured bands or performers at the Nuvo Restaurant & Wine Bar like Aquarela which plays bossa music. Different events are also conducted in Nuvo Restaurant & Wine Bar such as the Versace Occhiali Night and The Global Art of Mixing event. Nuvo Restaurant & Wine Bar also offers a business menu among other. An example of the business menu is one whole set of Spinach Cream Soup, Grilled Pork Tenderloin in brown jus with potato cubes and assorted vegetables. Another set includes Celery Cream Soup, Pan-fried White Snapper in champagne sauce, under aubergrine zucchini crust, with steamed asparagus and mashed potato. More information on Nuvo Restarant & Wine Bar may be read on the web site nuvophilippines.multiply.com. The contact numbers of Nuvo Restaurant & Wine Bar are +632 757 3699 and +632 757 3698. Interested parties may also e-mail at nuvo.philippines@gmail.com.

The Old Spaghetti House is ideal not only after office but even during lunch time when Makati employees and executives want to have their lunch out. There are several The Old Spaghetti House restaurants situated within the Makati City area. There is one within Salcedo Village and another within Legaspi Village. The Old Spaghetti House is also known as TOSH, which is a term that is very familiar among the people of Makati. From the name of the restaurant itself, one would know tha the kind of food served at The Old Spaghetti House is pasta, more specifically, spaghetti. More information on The Old Spaghetti House may be accessed through their web site www.theoldspaghettihouse.com.

Little Tokyo is another food establishment in Makati City that is highly recommended. This place is ideal for customers who love Japanese food. Different distinctive concoctions are offered at Little Tokyo. To those who are not familiar of this place, Little Tokyo is actually the name of the entire establishment that is composed of several Japanese restaurants that offer various specialties. Those who are interested in eating grilled meats or Yakiniku, this may be ordered at the Kagura restaurant of Little Tokyo. Those who are interested in eating pancake-style foods or Okonomi-yaki, this may be ordered at the Heijyoen restaurant of Little Tokyo. Information on Little Tokyo may be read at various web sites such as www.cosmotourist.com.

Via Mare is another restaurant in Makati that is popular among the people working in Makati. But aside from employees and executives, Via Mare is also ideal for families. Lovers of Filipino food will definitely enjoy eating in this restaurant as traditional Filipino dishes are served in a café setting. Among the foods that are highly recommended to be ordered at Via Mare are Puto Bumbong, Lumpiang Ubod, Pancit Luglog, and Bibingka. If customers would like to order for meals, the recommended ones include Caldereta, Callos, Laing, and Kare-Kare.

These are only four of the countless restaurants established in Makati City, Philippines. Trying out any of these restaurants will definitely inspire one to hunt for more restaurants within the city.

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