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Baguio Travel Agents

Baguio Travel Agents

Philippines is considered a tropical country and hanging out in a ‘cooler’ place would definitely spell total relaxation. Baguio City has been the country’s ‘Summer Capital’ because of weather that is cooler than the average scenario around the Metropolitan Manila. Philippine Military Academy or PMA is also situated a Baguio City. The said place had been training military men for Philippine army, navy and the air force for years since its foundation. Another usual sight going ‘up’ to Baguio is the big lion’s head where visitors and tourists alike could not resist taking some pictures with the head in the background.

Flower Power: the Panagbenga Festival

During the month-long festival of Panagbenga, literally, all roads lead to Baguio City. Panagbenga is held annually and it literally means ‘season of blooming’. Various displays, arrays and parades of flowers flock the city’s main roads. In short, during the festival, it is all about flowers. It is totally ‘flower power’ festival. As a tip, tourists and visitors should be booked one (1) to two (2) weeks ahead for accommodation. If there are relatives, friends or contacts, better be alerting them for lodging. During the peak week of the festival, expect that bus terminals at Metropolitan Manila are crowded, but they assure that there are enough busses available for visitors going to Baguio. Upon arriving at Baguio (after four to six hours), it would be wise to book tickets going home to avoid hassle or unlikely chance passengers’ ‘dilemmas’.

Resolving the Issue

Resolving these issues in visiting Baguio City during this period is very easy. As always, give time allowance for preparing the trip. This tip goes best especially for first timers who do not have any contacts or relatives residing at Baguio City. For first time tourists and visitors, and staying in Baguio City during the festival, one best option is to contact travel agencies. There are a lot of travel agencies in Baguio City to name a few there is Baguio Travel Company located at Patria de Baguio. Another one is Brightstar Travel and Tours situated at 25 Magsaysay Avenue. Esgala Travel and Tours International is also a travel agency which is located at 238 Halsema Road La Trinidad. All of these following agencies are located around Baguio. Better be searching further details like contact numbers through the net for latest updates.

Tourism in Baguio City is flourishing that is why the local government makes a great deal of effort maintaining and upgrading the local tourism. Agencies like these really help a lot in encouraging visitors and tourists alike to be more at home and feel very comfortable. Enjoy the trip!

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  1. editha mangahas

    could we have some quotations for a lakbay aral in Baguio with some partcipant of 80 persons. we are interested in visiting livelihood businesses like wine making, jam and peanut brittle making , strawberyfarms

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