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Legazpi Sightseeing Guide

Legazpi Sightseeing Guide

One of the wonderful places to visit in the Philippines is Legazpi City. Not only does the Mayon Volcano serve as backdrop, the skyline and gulf make the place very picturesque. What we have below is a concise Legazpi sightseeing guide for visiting this part of the Philippines. We’ll go over the many sights and activities, places to dine, and what to buy.

The first part of our Legazpi sightseeing guide will concern some of the places and activities that highlight any visit to this city. One of the very first questions that will usually pop up every now and then will be if a visitor or tourist can get a chance to climb up the Mayon Volcano. Those who want to scale her heights should be aware that there is a permanent danger zone of six kilometers from the volcano’s summit.

A healthy respect for nature in the Philippines would prompt one to say that Mayon is a dangerous beauty to scale. Those who dare the climb should first check with the local tourism office and look for available guides. One could either take the Buyuan or the Mayon Skyline observatory trail.

If you’re not into the adventure tripping, then you might settle for a quiet picnic in the Albay Park and Wildlife. Other quieter places to see include several historical sites like the Cagsawa Ruins, Battle of Legazpi Monument, the Freedom Park, and the Japanese tunnel.

However, if you’re looking for a bit of water fun, then you can either go skim boarding with the locals at the beach area or take a dip in Vera Falls with its cool and clear natural pool. To top off this part of our Legazpi sightseeing guide, the other places you might like to check out include Kapuntukan Hill, Lignon Hill that offers a panoramic view of the entire city and its surroundings, and Plaza Rizal for a bit of R&R, snacks, and drinks.

A Legazpi sightseeing guide won’t be complete without pointing you to places to eat. Fast food here and other parts of the Philippines will usually just cost less $5. You’ll find most of the fast food stores in the malls, which include LCC Mall and the Pacific Mall. However, if you’re looking for that distinct Legazpi taste then you can choose from various restaurants like Waway’s, Peking House, and Bigg’s Diner.

Finding souvenir shops, the final part of our Legazpi sightseeing guide, won’t be hard to find. Going around the downtown area in Legazpi City brings a lot of options. If you’re looking for great bargain items in Legazpi, or any major city of the Philippines for that matter, then you should consider checking the public market, where they sell stuff at lower prices.

This is concludes our Legazpi sightseeing guide. The scenic views in this part of the Philippines and the easy urban life make the place something worth exploring.

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