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Jeepneys: Only in the Philippines

Jeepneys: Only in the Philippines

Jeepneys are one of the Philippines’ most loved genuine attractions. All over the world, they only can be found and run on Philippine soil. But do not underestimate its capabilities, because it can bring you wherever you want to go, that is by land of course, and foreigners are enchanted by its prowess and uniqueness.

Jeepneys go hand in hand with Filipino ingenuity and craftiness. Philippines’ glorious history has a role in its origin. From the remains of the World War II American vehicles, Filipinos created a smart and illustrious way to enjoy them; that was how jeepneys came to being.

Started as a six-seater vehicle, through the years, the design and the capacity has improved to many variants and builds, but nonetheless, still very Filipino in nature. Even a single jeepney has a unique quality over others, thanks to its owner who contributed his own personality to make it one of a kind.

Philippine transportation, that is as we can say, transportation by land has been conquered and ruled by jeepneys. They are the “Kings of the Road”, as most people say. With a much improved engine and power nowadays, they can outrun some branded car models. And they still remain the main mode of transportation all over the country.

You can not find a place or town in this country, where you can not see a jeepney.
The Philippines is a nation divided by seas, since it is an archipelago, but is majestically united by its fondness of jeepneys.

Almost every Filipino has dreamed, or at least has once dreamed of having or owning a jeepney. It is a status symbol, especially in the countryside. A family who owns one has a reputation of being well-off and financially stable, though it is not very prevalent in urban areas. Elders would say that you can raise and support a family if you own one.

Jeepney drivers are well known in the society as well. There is even a tag line for them, they used to say that “every jeepney driver is a sweet lover”, and this naturally give smiles to every ones’ faces; especially their wives!

Filipinos’ loving and caring nature can be seen and felt in how they manage and maintain their jeepneys through all these years. In Metro Manila alone, you can still find a jeepney which was assembled thirty years ago, and still in running condition, giving income to its owner. And this is all about maintenance and hard work of its owner because engine or other troubles would mean less income. That is why they love their jeepneys so much.

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