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Some Choice Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Some Choice Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago located just above the equator in Southeastern Asia. Nestled between the Philippine and South China Seas, it is lovingly called the Pearl of the Orient by its natives. For indeed, traveling to it is like finding a unique pearl in a vast ocean, discovering not only beautiful spots but also warm and hospitable inhabitants.
It enjoys a warm, humid climate all year round and for this, tourists usually find haven in its countless beaches. Foremost is the world-famous island resort of Boracay, with its powdery white sands, crystalline-blue sea and spectacular sunsets. Tourist accommodations are abundant, ranging from the luxurious and exclusive to the more budget-friendly. One can take his pick on varied amenities available for swimming, diving, sailing, sport fishing, or just sunbathing.
Another popular tourist destination is the island of Palawan, known for its pristine beaches and friendly people. Exotic flowers and animals abound in this quaint locale. It is here where the Tubbataha Reef is found, a marine sanctuary park recognized by the World Heritage List and a source of constant joy for diving enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. For a touch of adventure, one can explore caves in the underground river of Saint Paul’s National Park or take a safari ride in Calauit Island to see unusual wildlife.
Bohol is considered as one of the loveliest islands in the country. There is no lack for white beaches with world-class resorts here and its nearby isles. There are also numerous freshwater springs where one can relax and enjoy some relaxing moments in. Another world-famous attraction are the Chocolate Hills, a group of hilly mounds that turn brown during summer, resembling a popular chocolate treat. Trips are also available to visit several of the old churches of Bohol. Here, one can be acquainted with century-old relics serving as testimonies to the country’s past under the Spanish rule.
For tourists and travelers seeking to enjoy the sea and the beach to the fullest, Siargao Island is an ideal spot. Lying in the southeastern part of the country, it is becoming increasingly popular because of its surfing waves and enthusiasts flock to this island for the Siargao Surfing Cup held every year. Other activities include sunbathing, deep sea fishing, diving and kayaking.
For those seeking the ultimate paradise, Samal Island is the perfect destination. Aside from white sand beaches, this island also boasts of mangroves, coral reefs and interesting rock formations. One can wake up and go to sleep to perfect sunrise and sunsets in this quaint locale situated at the southern part of the country.
Of course, for the more urban-seeking tourists, there is Subic Bay, formerly a military base that now boasts of the sea, commercial developments and virgin forests in one exciting package. It caters to crowds with wide-ranging interests, from bungee-jumping and sport fishing to the more sedate golf courses and arcade center.

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