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Puerto Galera Travel Agents

Puerto Galera Travel Agents

Dream Vacation

If summer getaway means being in a lovely and captivating white sand beach and party all night long ambiance without the hassle of long travel and heavy luggage. Then, the place called Puerto Galera is definitely the best place to consider.

Definition of Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a comforting image of gleaming and glistening aquatic place bounded by blossoming terrains and mountains. It is regarded as one of the most attractive, beautiful and developed beach resort district or community in the Philippines.

Puerto Galera’s charm started as ‘backyard tourism’ wherein native and locals accepted foreign and city dwellers (from Metro Manila areas) as stay-in tourists. From then on, tourism had blossomed and had taken a radical level. Throughout the place’s development and progress, various restaurants, inns, resorts and hotels have thrived within the vicinity.

Upon the arrival of guests, visitors or tourists, they will board customized motor boats (or bancas) on their way to several resorts or accommodations around the area. As soon as tourists, guests or visitors set foot in Puerto Galera, fun begins! There are a lot of things a tourist could do in Puerto Galera. Activities such a stargazing, watching the sunset, beach-hopping, play some beach volleyball, chatting and bonding with friends around a bonfire and pitching tents could be done in Puerto Galera.

Never the less, Puerto Galera’s main asset is still its crystal clear water and its white sand coast or shoreline. For this reason, aquatic activities, other than swimming, like diving and snorkeling are very popular among tourists and visitors in Puerto Galera. The place is perfect for family gatherings, team buildings, and also for individual relaxation and unwinding.

Maximizing Vacation Break

For the past years, Puerto Galera has been one of the favorite getaways, especially for call center agents, because of its proximity to Metro Manila area. This means, just a little preparation and some arrangements should be considered going to Puerto Galera. One of the travel agencies that promotes and provides vacation packages in Puerto Galera is ActiVentures Dive, Golf and Adventure Tours.

The travel agency’s forte or specialty is setting up or arranging diving itinerary in Puerto Galera. ActiVentures Dive, Golf and Adventure Tours travel agency offers a complete package for tourist from accommodations to all related travel itineraries within Puerto Galera.

Getting relaxed in a white sand beach or ambiance does not always mean taking a long journey. There is always an alternative. However, considering the beauty and wonders of Puerto Galera, it should definitely be the first option to take.

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