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Bacolod Shopping

Bacolod Shopping

A highly industrialized city in Negros Occidental, Bacolod aims to improve tourism in the area by featuring different attractive and inviting shopping places. Local tourists and foreigners can easily purchase their needs by visiting the famous and enticing malls in the city. To purchase the products that were developed and manufactured by the residents in the area, visitors can go to souvenir shops and dry markets situated in the heart of the city. Aside from these commercial establishments, tourists are also encouraged to take a look at the merchandises offered at the workshops and showrooms of local exporters.

Gaisano Mall

Gaisano Mall is one of the latest shopping centers that were established in Bacolod City. Many tourists go to this place because it features various fine dining places and fast food stores. Some of the popular dining establishments inside the mall where shoppers like to relax and eat are Chicken Deli as well as Bigby’s Café and Restaurant. Within the premises of the shopping center, customers can find apparel stores and shoe shops. To help the people who have limited budgets, Gaisano Mall has a department store where shoppers can purchase cheap clothes, bags and accessories. For only 500 pesos, customers can buy several items available at this Bacolod shopping center.

Robinson’s Place

Robinson’s Place is considered as one of the biggest Bacolod shopping malls. For the recreation and entertainment of customers, this commercial establishment features six state-of-the-art cinemas where people can view different local and foreign films. Aside from the cinemas, it has a gaming center where children and young people can have fun. Parents who want to buy high quality toys can visit the popular store Toys R Us. Families can also have a nice time inside this establishment since it features several dining facilities, which include Pizza Hut and Jollibee.

Negros Showroom

Tourists who like to see the local products and treats in Bacolod City should spend some time at the famous Negros Showroom. This establishment offers handicrafts that are made from bamboos as well as coconut husks. Aside from the handicrafts, customers can also buy home decorations, rugs and bags at the showroom. To promote the products of Bacolod City, the establishment has a food section where tourists can taste different sweet treats. Buying products offered at Negros Showroom contributes a lot to the economy of Negros Occidental because all the items that are available in the place are produced and exported by the Association of Negros Producers. The prices of merchandises usually range from 100 pesos to 500 pesos.

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