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Bohol Government Sites

Bohol Government Sites

The Island of Bohol: A Paradise on Earth

Many individuals are dreaming of total relaxation in a warm tropical island, sipping a refreshing fruit juice while enjoying a lovely view of the blue horizon. This dream becomes a reality by visiting the wonderful island of Bohol. Bohol Island is a popular tourist spot because of the resorts and white sand beaches. Not only that, Bohol province is being flocked by a lot of tourists to see the Philippine Tarsier and the enigmatic mounds called the Chocolate Hills. A blast from the past would be able to give ample information about this magnificent.

Once upon a time in Bohol…

The people of Bohol are said to be the progenies of the last group of settlers who stayed in the Philippines called the ‘tattooed ones’ (pintados). Boholanos (local of Bohol) had already a culture and customs of their own based on the artifacts burrowed at Panglao, Dauis, Tagbilaran and Mansasa. Bo-ho or Bo-ol had been the root words of the term ‘Bohol’. Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi made the first international pact or treaty in the Philippines through a ‘Sandugo’ or Blood Compact in the 1500’s. Since then on, Boholanos had been recognized as very hospitable.

Bohol during the Spanish Regime

The initial momentous encounter of the island with the Spaniards happened around mid-1500. It was highlighted by the famous ‘Blood Compact’ or ‘Sandugo’ or ‘one blood’ between the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna. To commemorate this significant historical event, Boholanos celebrate the ‘Sandugo Festival’ annually. It is a festival indicating Filipino, more so, Boholano Hospitality. Nonetheless, it does not really mean that Boholanos would take their guard down against abuses and suppressions of their conquerors. There were two noted revolts or uprising against the Spanish regime in Bohol Island.

The Tamblot Uprising was one of the significant insurgency initiated by a babaylan or a native priest in the early 1600’s. The next rebellion took place in 1744 until 1829 (when it was officially suppressed). The famous Dagohoy Rebellion led by the charismatic Francisco Dagohoy (also known as Franscisco Sendrijas). It was considered to be the longest upheaval against Spain in the history of the Philippines. Bohol was politically considered under the administration of Cebu until it was finally and officially considered as an independent municipality in 1854.

Eco-Tourism in Bohol Island and its Promulgation

The beauty and wonders of Bohol Island is definitely can be compared to picture-perfect postcards: very attractive and very enticing. Going and staying in the island of Bohol would certainly make those gorgeous images into reality. The island is a favorite tourist destination all over the world for years and the local government would like to maintain the status. With the help of their official website (http://www.bohol.gov.ph/) accessing vital facts or information regarding Bohol Island is just a few clicks away. The official website is very useful and easy to navigate. This would greatly help potential visitors to have a glimpse of what the island of Bohol is all about.

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