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Dipolog Festivals and Events

Dipolog Festivals and Events


Many visitors instantly fall in love with the charm of Dipolog and its sights and sounds. For many years now, more and more tourists flock to this place to experience Dipolog festivals that are unlike any other event in the Philippines. The history and culture of Dipolog are properly depicted in these Dipolog festivals, and these events are fun and lively.

Katkat sa Dipolog

This Dipolog festival might have a weird sounding name but this highly successful event is mainly due to the efforts that the locals put in when it comes to preparing for this day. The Katkat sa Dipolog is a religious Dipolog festival but it’s not just the devotees who attend this. Katkat sa Dipolog is also attended by nature lovers and sports enthusiasts because of the numerous activities planned for the day during this event. This Dipolog festival is 100% adventure and for nature lovers since they get to enjoy rigorous trekking in the beautiful forests of Dipolog and mountain climbing. The Katkat sa Dipolog is actually also an opportunity to see many Dipolog sights because on the way to the mountains, participants pass by the biggest tourist attractions here. En route to Katkat sa Dipolog, one can also visit Linabo Peak, the Cogon Eco-Tourism Park and the famous Pamsalanan Reforestation Site. The Katkat sa Dipolog is held annually during the summer season.

Sinulog sa Dopolog

Held right after New Year’s Day, the Sinulog sa Dopolog is a big event in this place with preparations being made way before the actual event. The residents of Dipolog prepare their dances, parades and dishes for families, friends and visitors even before the sun rises during this Dipolog festival. The Sinulog sa Dopolog is to commemorate baby Jesus and this age old Dipolog festival has been celebrated since the time of the Spanish occupation of the country. Even the city government participates in the Sinulog sa Dopolog by organizing processions and different contests that are held all day long. The ZN Sports Complex is where presentations from the different barangays are held, as well as contests that everyone can join. The term “sinulog” in Sinulog sa Dopolog means “water current” which is descriptive of the dances performed on this occasion and these form an integral part of the celebration. Merrymaking continues in the homes of the residents where a feast is served during the Sinulog sa Dopolog and everyone is invited.

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