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A Journey Through the Rapids of Pagsanjan Falls

A Journey Through the Rapids of Pagsanjan Falls

Situated not more than 3 hours from Manila, Pagsanjan offers tourists a different brand of adventure that is sure to make stories ‘you-would-want-to-tell-your-grandchildren’ about.

For years, tourists have flocked to this cozy little town in Laguna to see the famed Pagsanjan Falls. What most don’t know is that aside from the Falls, it’s actually the journey to get there that makes the destination all the more memorable.

Everything starts in the town plaza where one can get a boat ride for P660. Take-off would normally be from the Lodge where the tourists have their accommodations with each boat having 2-3 passengers plus two boatmen who navigate and steer.

The 2 hour boat ride to the Falls will then take you to a series of upstream rapids – 14 in all – as the two boatmen squeeze you through huge boulders amidst strong current and oncoming boats on their way down from the falls!

The boatmen themselves is sure to strike awe in any tourist as they deftly hop from one side of the boat to the other running over huge rocks or on cliff walls as they agilely guide the boat through the narrow passages of the gorge.

In between each rapid is a pause where you will be paddling across calm waters. It is here where one can really appreciate the scenery as you would be surrounded by tropical vegetation growing from 300 ft high rock cliffs situated on both sides of the river. A humbling experience, as you suddenly realize that you are witnessing the handiwork of a thousand years that Nature sculpted over this grand and live canvas.

After braving the rapids, the Falls itself are a sight to behold and one can’t help but feel refreshed with its cold and clear waters splashing unto your body as a bamboo raft can take you right under it for an additional P20. Inside the Falls is a cave where one can rest while listening to the soothing sound of falling water.

And just when you think that you’re done, here comes the best part! Unlike other destinations where you leave with a sense of fading climax, the journey home from the Falls is even more better as you and your boatmen can expect a wild ride down the rapids.
If you thought that the ride up was fantastic, you better hang on to your seats as the ride down is going to be insane! Going through the narrow gaps that you passed through on your way up to the Falls definitely won’t compare to the rush of going through the same route on your way down as the current accelerates and propels you home with an experience that only Pagsanjan can give!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go shoot the Rapids!

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