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Activities You Can Enjoy in Bacolod

Activities You Can Enjoy in Bacolod

Bacolod is the city of smiles. It is a dynamic city with plenty of places and sights to be seen. The following are some of the best activities you can do while you are in Bacolod.

1. Fifteen kilometers from Bacolod is the town of Silay. Silay is popular the nice old homes there. The house called Balay Negrense is the most famous of all the houses built there. It is always open for tourists at an affordable rate. Many taxis in the city know how to take you to Silay. There are also other houses there that you can visit. You can also take the jeepney or the bus going to Silay.

2. Another activity you can do while you are in Bacolod is the museum. This is just a few minutes away from the capitol building. There are many valuable historical collections in the museum as well as previous belongings of some rich families who lived there before.

3. Relaxing in Nature’s Village is another activity which you can do. It is a good place where you can relax. This is a resort with accommodations. This resort is also very close to the town.

4. Another activity which is also worth your time is visiting Sipalay. This is a town in the southern part of Bacolod. This place has been recently attracting more tourists because of good diving spots. It also has a nice beach which is open to the public. There are many resorts to choose from. It takes three up to four hours to get to Sipalay from the city. You can go by car or van. Others also prefer taking the public bus and enjoy the surroundings and the nice view along the way.

5. In the northern part of Bacolod just thirty minutes from the city is the sugar mill called the Victorias. There are times when visiting the whole mill can be possible. Many taxis know this place and it would be nice to visit a plant smelling like cake.

6. Another accessible place in Bacolod which you might like to visit is the small island called Guimaras. This is thirty minutes away from the city of Bacolod. There are no shopping malls here or many restaurants but you will enjoy cycling in the quiet place. There are some high class resorts where you can stay as well. Guimaras is an island famous for their sweet mangoes. There are several plantations of mangoes in this island. Viewing the massive plantations from a hill is really nice. There are other resorts which offer accommodations at affordable rates as well. The beach in Guimaras is also nice and the people are always hospitable.

7. Celebrating the Masskara Festival – This is one of the most popular reasons why tourists go to Bacolod. This festival is famous for celebrations with people wearing different masks. The masks all have different and one of a kind designs. The people parade on the streets wearing them. The whole city celebrates this tradition in a very colorful and joyful way.

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