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Balicasag Island, A World Class Dive Site

Balicasag Island, A World Class Dive Site

Not too many dive sites in the world can offer about $40 for two dives. Like most dive sites in the country, Balicasag Island, in the Philippines, can offer this great service and add to it many wonderful locations.

Balicasag Island, Philippines, is a flat island four kilometers southwest of the Duljo Point off what is known as Pangalo Reef. The sandy coraline beach of Balicasag Island is a site to behold making it ideal for vacationers. The whole of Balicasag Island can be toured in a day.

Balicasag Island is fringed by a narrow reef about nine to 49.5 meters wide, one of the many reasons why Balicasag Island is a favorite destination of many foreign and local divers. Other than this, the locals exhibit the homegrown Filipino hospitality that makes visitors come back again and again.

You will find hard coral covering the submarine cliffs’ tops and sponges and gorgonians at the base. The Balicasag Island is also home to a huge community of fish.

Here are some interesting places you can check out when you visit Balicasag Island.

Diver’s Haven is a dive site that features a grand array of fish and marine life. Because of the many features of this dive site, it becomes a place of bliss for many divers who visit Balicasag Island.

Another interesting dive site in Balicasag Island is called the Turtle Point. This dive site is located on the eastern side of the island. It features caves about 60 to 75 meters down. The dive site is called Turtle Point due to the fact that the place is a haven for turtles. They make the caves their own lair to hide from perceived hazards.

Located on the southwest side of Balicasag Island is the Cathedral Wall. This dive site is a section of a wall that has many recesses where divers can explore. You may need to bring a torch to have a grand view of the marine life. Reef fish, sponges, and big jacks can be found here along with other forms of marine life.

The north side of Balicasag Island is covered with thick coral forming a kaleidoscopic multi-colored reef full of an assortment of tropical fish. This dive site is amply called the Royal Garden.

A dive site you can’t afford to miss is the Black Coral Forest. You can actually have the rare opportunity to swim through the black coral that abounds in this part of Balicasag Island. Black coral is rarely found on a shallow 90-foot depth.

Balicasag Island is an hour and ten minutes away from Manila to Tagbilaran or Cebu by air. You can get to Balicasag Island from Cebu through Bohol via a connecting bridge and get to Alona beach, which is the jump off point. Accommodations on the island are usually worth Php 2,500, an average price for accomodations in the Philippines. Take note that prices can change without notice.

Balicasag Island is the location of the best dive sites in this part of the Philippines. The place offers rare experiences that anyone can afford even on a tight budget.

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