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Laoag Travel Agents

Laoag Travel Agents

The Best in the North

Laoag City is considered as the industrial, commercial and political hub of the Ilocos Norte. As the capital city if Ilocos Norte, Laoag City has been the center of the fast progressing North Luzon Economic Triangle among noted neighboring cities. The ‘Laoag Ecozone’ has bolstered the commercial status of the city thus becoming one of the first-class cities in the Philippines. Laoag City’s accessibility has been one of the major factors that led to its economic progress because it opened opportunities for investors to establish their business ventures, which generated jobs for the locals of Laoag City. Thus, Laoag City has been a symbol of economic progress and immovability in the northern part of the Philippines for which, it opened an avenue for neighboring municipalities and towns to be competitive and assertive in terms of improvement.

Laoag City and Tourism

It is undeniable that tourism played a major role in the growth of the city of Laoag. For this reason, Laoag International Airport has been operational to keep up with the pace of the growth of tourism. Tourism has been the economic driver of the city as it paved way for the transportation improvement and commercial ventures. Fort Ilocandia Hotel and Resort is the only five-star hotel in the northern part of the Philippines. Heritage sites is flourishing around the city’s vicinity featuring Spanish colonial edifices, Philippine-rococo (baroque) churches, the mansions during the Marcos regime and of course, who would ever resist the white-sand beaches of Pagudpud. Due to the remarkable and impressive increase in tourist influx, some foreigners established consulate to oversee their citizens residing and staying at Laoag City.

Hotlines for Tourists

The influx of tourists prompted the local government of Laoag to push further beyond what is expected of them. City improvements everywhere have been prevalent to maintain its tourism edge. To provide this type of quality service, travel agencies offer package for tourists and visitors alike to help them enjoy the wonderful city of Laoag. One of the noted travel agency is the Aboex Travel and Tours which has an office in Manila and especially in Laoag City. They offer passport processing down to document legalization, authentication and translation. Talking about complete package, they have it all. Having this kind of travel agency would definitely encourage visitors and especially foreign tourists to have a hassle-free stay and would most likely stay longer and put up a business, and then again, generate jobs for the growth of this city.

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