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For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
Traveling the Philippine Islands

Traveling the Philippine Islands

Everyone wants to travel. Traveling is a form of relaxation from the usual things you do in life. Many do not think of anything rather than the places they want to explore. Traveling can expose you to different places, people and cultures. It also helps you think about solving your problems and going to places you want to look at; beaches, zoos, theme parks and other famous tourist spots. Some like to explore their own country before exploring other countries. But when it comes to pure adventure a trip to foreign lands is always the biggest challenge with the most rewards.

Traveling in the Philippines is very enjoyable because of the hospitality of the people and the tourist attractions; the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, the Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna and the great mountains of Tagaytay, to name just a few. There are many tourist spots in the Philippines that are very exceptional and are like no other country.
There is Boracay which is considered by many as a perfect paradise. For those who love surfing, you can go to Catanduanes, Badoc Island of Ilocos Norte, Samar and Zambales. If you want to go some place cooler, you can try the high mountains of Baguio. The weather is warm, the food is delicious and the souvenirs are cheaper.
Souvenirs in the Philippines are cheaper and more of more abundance and variety than souvenirs from other countries such as Hong Kong. Foreigners can travel at ease because most Filipinos speak the universal language, English. It is difficult to travel where people cannot understand what you are talking about especially when you ask for directions and ordering food.

There has been some propaganda in main stream media stating that traveling in the Philippines is not safe due to frequent terrorist attacks. The Philippines is not the only country being attacked by terrorists. If traveling in the Philippines is not safe, why are foreigners still visiting the country? There are over 7100 islands in the Philippines and most are completely safe.
Countless foreigners come to the country because they can buy what they need without spending a lot of money. They have no difficulty in finding a place to stay for there are many hotels and lodging houses around to choose from.
Traveling in the Philippines is never a bore. There is always a surprise in every place you find yourself visiting, even on just the ordinary sidewalks. Some of the exotic foods can be found on the streets, like balut, suman and taho. The people around are friendly, and the transports are also one of a kind, like the tricycles, jeepneys, kalesas, buses and banka boats; where else can you find that but only in the Philippines.

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