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Boracay Transportation

Boracay Transportation

Boracay is the home to one of the whitest and finest sand beaches in the Philippines. A number of tourists, both local and foreign, visit the beach every year and this boosts the tourism of the place. There are different modes of transportation that are present in Boracay and can be availed of by the tourists.

First, there are the tricycles which abound the streets of Boracay. One can easily observe that they outnumber the other forms of Boracay transportation because of the convenience and affordability found in riding these tricycles. Unlike the common tricycles found in the Metro Manila area, the tricycles here can carry a maximum of 7 people with 6 persons inside the side car and 1 at the back of the driver. It may be a little bit uncomfortable but it is definitely fun as this form of Boracay transportation breezes through the crowded streets and onto the other areas of the beach. The fact that it is small makes it easy to go through the alleys and small streets.

Second, another type that makes up the family of Boracay transportation is the Multicab. These multicabs are among the first ones to welcome tourists. They are found in the port that would bring tourists from the nearby airports to the heart of Boracay. It can carry more people and more luggage but would cost more than the tricycles. With more space, it is definitely a more comfortable ride and provides a better view if one wish to sightsee before arriving at the destination.

Third, there are also the bancas or boats which is available for travel between the airport and Boracay itself. The boats are shared if an individual is to go from the airport to Boracay as the boats used are far larger than the ones used within Boracay. It is not only the tourists who usually ride the boat from the airport area but also the locals who went to Caticlan. Another popular purpose of this Boracay transportation is for island hopping and snorkeling. There are boat owners who offer their boats at a certain price in exchange for a tour of the island, which is not possible for other modes of Boracay transportation. They could also stop in a certain spot a few meters from the shore and allow tourists to dive into the cool waters and swim with the fishes.

With the boom in the tourist industry of Boracay, the government has really ensured that there is sufficient and enough transportation for the people. These are not only accessible but forms a great part of the tourists’ experience and memories of the island.

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