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Philippine Crunchy Vegetable Cuisine

Philippine Crunchy Vegetable Cuisine

Chop suey is a popular native dish in both classy and ordinary restaurants. It is one of the healthiest native recipes available. It combines choice-cut meat and liver portions, and the best of crunchy native vegetables mostly from the salad capital of the Philippines.

To cook this native recipe we need the following ingredients: one fourth kilo pork thinly sliced liver, one fourth kilo thinly sliced pork tender loin (or any pork cut), one fourth kilo peeled and thinly sliced fresh shrimp, one fourth small ball of chopped cabbage, some cauliflowers, some thin and flat string beans or “sitsaro” (or Baguio beans will do), a bunch of chopped “pechay” leaves, a small chopped carrot, a small chopped “sayote,” 4 small chopped onions for sautéing, 5 chopped small onions for later cooking, two bundles of chopped “kinchay” leaves, 5 pieces minced garlic, 2 cups water, four tablespoons flour, and one fourth cup soy sauce. With these ingredients all in, we’re ready to cook this native dish.

This native recipe needs sautéing of the garlic and onions until garlic pieces are brown,in a pan, on medium fire. Add in the meat and shrimp. Cook stir for a minute. Then put on low fire. Mix the water, soy sauce and flour in a cup until thoroughly dissolved. Then pour this mixture into the pan. Put on high fire. Put on the pan lid and cook till the concoction is boiling. When boiling, put in the rest of the ingredients. Put back the lid on and cook for a minute. This native dish serves 5 persons.

This native recipe is perfect with a sauce of soy and “kalamansi” or lemon squeeze. This native dish is perfect to go with fried or grilled pork chops or fish, or any barbecued dish.

Chop Suey sounds Chinese but it’s a Filipino native dish. Many Filipino tourists who visit Hongkong or mainland China are surprised to discover that both countries are strangers to the dish. It’s because it’s a purely Filipino native recipe. A tale goes that a Filipino who once lived a long time in China came back home and was asked to cook up a Chinese dish. Not knowing what to do he just threw various ingredients into the pan and called it “Chop Suey,” the native recipe.

Chop Suey is a well balanced native recipe of lean meat, fresh and crunchy vegetables, and natural spices. This native dish emits a subtle blend of sweet vegetables and the delectable taste of meat and liver for a perfect dinner meal.

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