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Bohol Restaurant Guide

Bohol Restaurant Guide

Bohol is a Philippine island which celebrates a festivity of flavors. Eating is actually one of the penchants of the Filipinos particularly Boholanos. There are several restaurants in Bohol offering different dishes. There are many dishes in Bohol with varying prices. The restaurants in Bohol are places you must also visit aside from the beautiful beaches and the famous Chocolate Hills.

1. The Pyramid – This is a restaurant situated in the Alona Beach. Customers here can enjoy a nice view of the beach in their open restaurant. They serve a mixture of Filipino and continentals dishes. This restaurant is ideal for those with delicate taste. Their best sellers include clubhouse sandwich and pork cordon bleu. For the seafood they serve one of the best Calamares in the beach. You can also enjoy tasty barbecue straight from their grill. The price of each meal costs less than four hundred pesos.

2. JASZ Restaurant – This restaurant centers on the theme which is about the sea. The design is very tropical to resemble the atmosphere in a beach. They guests here can enjoy the cozy and laid back feeling in a beach while enjoying seafood. The place is adorned with bamboo decorations. The tables near the beach are perfect for a romantic date complete with the candlelight.

3. Chicken Ati-Atihan – This restaurant is popular because of their barbecue. Each full meal costs two hundred pesos. Guests will surely enjoy their halo-halo with buko as dessert. Other popular order includes the hot sisig that can be spicy too.

4. Garden Cafe – This restaurant chose a very western central theme. They employ deaf waiters and guests are asked to write their orders. Their best seller is their steak with some onion rings. Each dish costs less than five hundred pesos. They also serve in large portions.

5. Hayahay Pizza – For those who are craving for some Italian this restaurant is the place to be. This restaurant is known for their large portions of tasty pizzas. It could be odd seeing a pizza place in the beach but there are many people who still enjoy hot pizza even in the warm setting. You can eat inside or enjoy your pizza outside along the shore. The pizza costs from four hundred pesos up to five hundred pesos.
6. Loboc River Cruise – This is Bohol’s famous restaurant that floats. The guests can enjoy a cruise while eating delicious Filipino dishes. There are singers that serenade guests while they enjoy the view. A buffet for each person is priced at three hundred pesos which already include the cruise.

7. Payag Jo’s Chicken Inato – This restaurant’s best seller will surely fill your craving for a good chicken barbecue. The food here is considered cheap because you can order several dishes for three hundred pesos. Most people like eating here with their clean hands rather than use fork and spoon.

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