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Bohol Travel Agents

Bohol Travel Agents

The Island of Bohol has truly been blessed by Mother Nature. Wonderful beaches and unique flora and fauna (courtesy of the Philippine Tarsiers) are some prominent marks of the Bohol Island. Nonetheless, the most famous, extraordinary and remarkable feature this blessed island has is the geological or terrain formation known as the ‘Chocolate Hills’. This wonders of nature would surely make tourists and visitors be charmed and most likely asked the question: what is the origin of the ‘Chocolate Hills’.

Once Upon a Time…

Ancient people, before the establishment of educational system, relied on myth, legends and folklores to explain the phenomena happening during those times. The ‘Chocolate Hills’ certainly have had their own share of these ‘bed time stories’. One of the legends said that there was once a certain Dano, a giant with a huge appetite and devoured everything in his way. One instance he approached to a plain and saw the alluring and beautiful girl named Eng. Dano fell in love with Eng, but before Eng said her precious ‘yes’ to Dano, he had to loose weight. For that reason, Dano expelled everything he consumed and his mounds of wastes scattered and covered the place until he gained the heart of his precious Eng. Here is another story, just to redeem the ‘not so-good theme’ of the last legend, right now it is a ‘real’ love story. There was again a giant and his name was Arogo. He was described to be very youthful and powerful. His heart was captured by a lovely Aloya, a beautiful and attractive mortal. One day, Aloya died and this had caused the strong giant much misery and pain. He started crying and he could not be stopped. His tears created the mounds and as soon they dried up they became the Chocolate Hills. These stories convey the rich literature of the ancient Boholonos.

Knowing the Real, Empirical and Scientific Story Behind the Mounds

Reading scientific and empirical explanation may give reasoning how and what Chocolate Hills is all about. Nonetheless, experiencing Bohol, is ‘knowing’ the Chocolate Hills. Enjoying Bohol Island without the time-consuming and hassle-free dealings with the technicalities of traveling and touring could be taken cared of few preparations. Travel agencies in Bohol provide traveling and touring assistance to ensure a hassle-free trip. One of Bohol Island’s premiere travel and tours agency is the Isla Grande Island Travel and Tours. They offer travel packages for reasonable prices. They are in charge from dealing with travel details up to accommodations and travel itineraries. The Isla Grande Travel and Tours is located at The Courtyard Building, Airport Road, Tagbilaran City, Bohol Island. As a final note, always check the internet for latest updates and information.

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