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How to Enjoy Philippine Dive Sites More

How to Enjoy Philippine Dive Sites More

The Philippines, being an archipelago, is a rich snorkeling and diving haven. From north to south and in all three major islands (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao), dive sites mark the coasts. But there are tips to browse on for more enjoyable dive trips.

It is always advisable to go snorkeling or diving with real divers. This can be arranged in seaside hotels that specialize in diving tours or in searching out beautiful dive sites in their coastal vicinity. One can always check online for diving services in a particular locality. Deep sea scuba dives ought to be arranged with dive tour offices or agencies with expert scuba divers and competent scuba equipments. Special scuba diving outfits often offer short courses or trainings on scuba diving, and the hands-on training itself will prove a worthy diving experience already.

If diving with a group with no prior diving tour arrangement (and there’s no such arrangement available in the area), fishing villages most likely have local divers who are experienced in skin diving. Dive sites near the shore but are deep enough often reveal amazing underwater sights and wildlife. Dive sites around Zambales and Bataan often reveal great sea world even along shallow waters—about chest deep. Often, local divers can show visiting divers reef spots that reward the eyes with fabulous underwater sea life for a minimal price.

Scuba diving with pros using proper scuba equipment often poses no immediate dangers, but skin diving on shallow waters often does. This is probably because shallower waters are treated less seriously by people who go skin diving for fun and leisure. With skin divers doing it for a living, daily, precautions are routinely taken in stride. Thus, skin diving should be done with at least 3 good local divers for a precaution measure.

Dive sites are primarily for viewing only. So don’t break a piece of coral from reefs to take home as souvenirs. Almost all coral dive sites in the country are under rehabilitation due to abuse and harmful fishing practices. So just take a camera along to take pictures of underwater scenes instead of taking home on-sight elements as souvenirs. In many dive sites, coral or even sea shell gathering is illegal. Thus, to make a worth-while and no hassle diving trip, just satiate the eyes with wonders of Philippine dive sites.

Philippine dive sites mark the coastal landscape of the country. And to enjoy them more, there are practical tips for a hassle-free, memorable diving trip.

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