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Philippines Guide

For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
Philippines Guide

Boracay Shopping

Boracay is one of the most famous, inviting and beautiful tourist destinations in the Philippines that feature several interesting and enticing shopping places. Tourists who are in search for branded apparel, swimwear and footwear should visit the boutiques at D Mall in Station 2. People who like to shop for affordable accessories and high quality handicrafts will have an enjoyable and relaxing time at Talipapa Market, Lonely Planet and Crystal Shack.

Davao Beach Guide

Davao is one of the best cities in the Philippines you can visit.There are plenty of resorts with white sand you can visit in Davao.Most of them are in Samal Island and Malipano Island.

The Blue Lagoon of the North

Ever yearned for a serene and peaceful white-sand beach? Then you might want to try Blue Lagoon – the Boracay of the North. This haven in Ilocos Norte is perfect for those who do not have the budget for Boracay or those who wish for a white sand beach with placidly blue waters minus the raucous night-life and the pollution.

Leyte Travel Guide

Leyte is one of the provinces in the Philippines that attract many tourists and travelers because of its rich history and culture. To have a worry-free visit to the province, there are Leyte travel guides that feature attractions in the place. The guides also feature hotels and restaurants where they can relax and unwind.