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Baguio Festivals and Events

Baguio Festivals and Events

Location and How to Get There

Baguio has been dubbed the “Summer Capital” of the Philippines because it is the only place that is saved from the intense heat during the months of February to early June. Baguio is accessible by land from Manila by bus ride of about 6 hours. Of course, one can also opt to bring one’s vehicle to make going around Baguio easier but if that is the main concern, rest assured there’s plenty of public transportation there. Baguio is also accessible by air. The best time to go to Baguio would be when festivals such as the Kadayawan Festival and the Baguio Flower Festival are celebrated.

Baguio Flower Festival

One of the reasons that people go to Baguio is to watch the Baguio Flower Festival. Because of the cool climate in Baguio and the rich topsoil, there are a lot of flowers that grow here that would normally not last a day in Manila. During the Baguio Flower Festival, a parade is held along Session Road of the most beautiful and uncommon flowers which are uniquely designed and placed on mini stages. The fragrance of the flowers as they pass by is heavenly and visitors line the street snapping pictures of the parade. The Baguio Flower Festival is an event of its own and one of the reasons that tourists visit Baguio. The Baguio Flower Festival began in 1995 when the then Director of Camp John Hay spearheaded the project and solicited the support of the different sectors of the community.

To watch the Baguio Flower Festival will not cost anything and it’s loads of fun. The community comes alive with dances, colorful outfits and the participants spend days preparing their designs. The goal of the Baguio Flower Festival is to increase awareness on the need to preserve the environment.

Kadayawan Festival

The Kadayawan Festival is another event that plays an important role in increasing tourism in Baguio. The local government units take part in the Kadayawan Festival by participating in dances known as Indak-Indak. This 19 year old festival is made colorful each year with new segments being added. From the very first time that the Kadayawan Festival was celebrated, it has undergone a lot changes and now there are more dances, there is now a festival hymn and the tribal community also participate. The Kadayawan Festival is Baguio’s way of showing the world that no matter how different the Filipinos may be, they stand united.

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