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Puerto Galera Destination Guides

Puerto Galera Destination Guides


With plenty of things to do in Puerto Galera, a great crowd and excellent hotels, one couldn’t ask for more except for maybe a couple of Puerto Galera destinations worth seeing aside from the beach. Many of us know Puerto Galera for its beaches and primarily because of Sabang Beach which is where everybody goes, but there are actually many other Puerto Galera destinations worth our time.

Big La Laguna Beach

Quite a change from Sabang Beach which can get crowded during peak season, the Big La Laguna Beach is more peaceful. The landscape at the Big La Laguna Beach is impressive and everyone who goes there sees it as nature’s wonder. Just as competitive as Boracay, this Puerto Galera destination is one of the excellent choices for a private getaway. The Big La Laguna Beach is so named because of how near it is to a town called Small La Laguna and this is a place where the white sand meets the crystalline turquoise sea. The water at this Puerto Galera destination is calm ninety nine percent of the time so for those who don’t know how to swim, there is nothing to fear. What’s very noticeable about the Big La Laguna Beach is that the water here changes shade and it is so clear that seeing the corals below is possible. The privacy of this Puerto Galera destination is comparable to none because no marine vessel is allowed here. The cool breeze even during summer is soothing and the trees that can be found all over the beach provide more than ample shade. For divers, Big La Laguna Beach is also an excellent dive spot and the diversity of marine life here is amazing.

The Excavation Museum

Moving away from beaches, a Puerto Galera destination that will allow one to learn about the history and culture of the place is the Excavation Museum. Archeological relics are in abundance here, some dating centuries back. The oldest artifacts found at the Excavation Museum date back to the Ming Dynasty which is over a thousand years old. Not many know that the island has a colorful history and there were many interesting archeological finds here. Students and those who appreciate history can spend a whole day at the Excavation Museum looking the Chinese artifacts on display as well as weapons and some items obtained from sunken ships. There are also photographs on display here at the Excavation Museum both of things that are above ground and below. Those who think that history is boring will have a completely different perspective after visiting the Excavation Museum.

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