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Tagbilaran Hospitals and Health Care

Tagbilaran Hospitals and Health Care

Tagbilaran hospitals and health care is known for being of high quality and efficient. As a result, the residents of the city can look forward to getting improved medical, health, and hospitalization. Here we will look at the different trustworthy hospitals that Tagbilaran City has to offer.

Borja Family Hospital

Borja Family Hospital started out as a family clinic and has grown to become a private infirmary. It is classified as a general infirmary and primary medical establishment among medical facilities in Tagbilaran. This 40-bed capacity hospital has fully operational hospital equipments and facilities.

Aside from providing medical and health care, Borja Family Hospital is also a maternity facility accredited by the Newborn Screening Resource Center since 2005. Already offering efficient medical and health care services, the hospital is still aiming to improve the skills of its personnel and upgrade its facilities to better serve the city constituents.

Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital

Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital or GCGMH is one of the top government-owned hospitals in Tagbilaran City. Serving both as a hospital and teaching and training ground, the GCGMH is a 127-bed capacity hospital offering the best skills and facilities compared with other government hospitals in Bohol. People who have experienced animal bites usually come to this hospital because of their specialization in the field. It is working on creating a rabies-free Tagbilaran.

Ramiro Community Hospital

Ramiro Community Hospital is a pioneer medical facility serving communities within Tagbilaran. It is a general hospital and tertiary sanatorium with 100 beds for providing medical and health care services to the people of the city. It is very popular because it offers quick service and efficient hospital billing.

St. Jude General Hospital

Aside from being Tagbilaran’s leading general hospital, infants and children have a special place in St. Jude General Hospital. It places a high priority on newborn screening, an important medical procedure for newborn babies to determine hidden or inborn defects at their early age. It provides special facilities for children with minor defects.

St. Jude General Hospital is one of the many hospitals in Tagbilaran that is pediatric in nature. However, as it is ranked as a primary general hospital, it also offers other medical and hospitalization services with its 25-bed capacity.

Tagbilaran Community Hospital

Tagbilaran Community Hospital is a private general hospital accredited by several health care providers such as Intellicare, MEDIcard, among others. It also caters to newborn screening and has been successful in addressing the health care needs of the people of Tagbilaran as it is located right in the heart of the city. Its simplicity and homey appearance has been of great assistance to the people of the city.

Tagbilaran hospitals and health care can provide a guarantee that your visit to the Chocolate Hills will be healthy and worthwhile.

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