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Philippines Guide

For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
Philippines Guide

Samar Travel Guide

Samar is one of the most visited provinces in the southern region of Philippines. For those who like to have vacation in this place, they can refer to Samar travel guides to have ideas about the hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations that they can visit in the province.

Cebu Hotels and Resorts

Cebu is a progressive city that is making its name as the center of commerce in the region while at the same time has managed to maintain being a vacation getaway. Whether it’s the beach you’re after or you’re in Cebu for business, there are many options when it comes to Cebu resorts. Cebu Beach Club and Cebu Grand Hotel take different approaches to hospitality and here are things you should look into to help you decide which resort is perfect for you.

A glimpse of paradise – Boracay Island

Boracay Island, is rated as one of the world’s best beaches. Up to this moment, it prospers by a sweeping number of establishments that make a commitment of making your vacation as mesmerizing as ever. Located in the Philippines, Boracay Island is a welcome experience to those who want to mix fun and relaxation in this ultimate beach hub.