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Bohol Personal Blogs

Bohol Personal Blogs

I grew and was oriented in a family that believed in the usual process of ‘go to school, finished college and get a good job’ in order to survive in this so-called life. We have more than the average family has in terms of financial and educational opportunity. Nonetheless, even in my younger years, I knew that surviving was not my type of game. Surviving would not do for me, I wanted something more. Fulfillment has something to do with challenge and that was my game.

Given Equal Opportunity

Though we were not really that financially overflowing, but we were blessed that our parents gave us equal opportunity in terms of our needs. As the youngest amongst siblings, I witnessed how my elder brothers and sisters were being aided by my parents regarding their ventures until they decided to settle down and raise their own families. As the ‘bunso’ (youngest among siblings) I was in a way ‘spoiled brat’, but in a good way though. My siblings were very supportive of me as they ‘vented’ their frustrations on me. My brothers taught me how to play basketball and they were so proud of me since I was the only one in the family that had achieved the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award in our school. My sisters help me appreciate music as they taught me how to play the piano. After my recital, I decided to learn the guitar and created a four-piece band that represented the schools in various ‘battle of the bands’ competition. I retained this ‘rock star-all-star baller’ until I finished my college degree. Honestly, after my formal schooling, I still not sure of what I really wanted. One of my best friends suggested why not put up a business. The idea had me almost jumping because I had not ventured in to ‘money-making’ deals my whole life. Of course, I would like it to be challenging.

Business in an Island

When I was a young kid, I dreamt of being ‘trapped’ in an island and eventually surviving the harsh and unpredictable forces of nature and in the end emerged as the victor and developed the place into a state-of-art island. Then the island of Bohol just popped out of my mind as the best venue for my business endeavor. I was too young then to appreciate Bohol Island but my cousins never failed to give me a ‘blow by blow’ account how beautiful the island was. The next question was what would be my line of business. My girlfriend’s dad, for the longest time, had been a supervisor of a bus company that caters visitors going to Baguio. He asserted that car for rent business in Bohol would be in. The ‘gig’ may not be the first but, who does not need transportation anyway. Business was all about networking. It was a matter of knowing who your potential patrons or customers to keep the business alive.

First Customers

After taking care of the business technicalities, I was now ready to start my business in Bohol. I was a hands-on guy who really loved to get involved of the situation. My first customers were actually distant relatives based outside the Philippines. Since they had been gone for quite sometime, I was able to practiced professionalism throughout their stay. My cute ‘pamangkin’ (niece) always asked questions like why the tarsiers were so little but they have bulging eyes, why the famous Chocolate Hills looked like inverted chocolate kisses, etc. One of the best question she threw was where is the place where chocolate kisses where made. I answered in a chocolate factory, she immediately quipped, ‘No, they were made inside the Chocolate Hills!’ This kid made us laugh as we drove around Bohol Island.

Doing business in Bohol was really a wonderful idea after all. Practically speaking living in the island is so simple. Locals are really great! Bohol Island is definitely one of the best tourist spots in the world because of its natural beauty. I do really hope that everything stays this way forever.

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