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What to Wear and Bring in the Philippines

What to Wear and Bring in the Philippines

Do you love the sun? Are you crazy about great beaches? Care for some adventure? If you are bound to the Philippines, you will get all of that and more! But first thing’s first, don’t load your stuff in that luggage just yet; you may want to hear this out first.

To enjoy your trip to the Philippines better be sure to include the following in your loading list:

First, keep in mind that the Philippines has a humid climate. It is suggested that you bring light colored clothing. Forget about sleeves, thick textile coats and all. Shirts, pants or shorts will do. In a hot climate place like this, it is must to have a cap, hat or anything to protect your scalp from the scouring sun especially if you are traveling a lot. Bring on those shades too, not only for style but for your eyes’ protection. Thinking about your foot wear? Well, whatever comes along with a casual get-up… let it be flip-flops, sandals or sneakers, depending on what activity you will be doing.

Second, for all the vain people out there, make sure your vanity kit has its place in that bag. Never forget to bring with you your favorite sun tan lotion, your sun block, lip balm and loose powder or make-up, all in the name of retouch!… trust us you’ll need those.

Third, never forget to bring that camera. You are traveling to a wonderful place (talcum white sand beaches, warm hospitality, luscious food, and paradise scenery, everything…) make each moment count, click that button!

Fourth, a small bag is handy for your belongings safety! Bring along with you a small pouch that can contain your vanity kit, a bottle of water (again to mention, it really is hot here sometimes, avoid dehydration quench your thirst), your camera, mobile phone, wallet and extra shirt too. Caution: keep an eye on your valuables always.

Oh boy! there are a lot of things to say here but the bottom line is bring only what is necessary, with the tips and information provided above at least you will be guided on what you need to be comfortable on your trip. Don’t worry much if you’ll miss a thing in that luggage we have a long list of shopping centers that have local and international stores that can provide you what you need. So get it going, pack-up and enjoy the trip. Be ready of an experience of a life time…

Bon voyage!

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