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Tacloban Restaurants

Tacloban Restaurants

Whenever a tourist is at bay, Tacloban restaurants are found glimmering, too eager to offer what they have in store. Dining in this wonderful Visayan city is almost a gastronomical adventure as it is in other parts of the country. Tacloban restaurants offer anything from local delicacies to foreign cuisines, giving tourists an easier time choosing, or not?

Ayo Café – This coffee shop, which is a little bit out of the way from downtown Tacloban combines good food with a good atmosphere creating an all around pleasant dining experience. The cuisine is built up with a combination of Japanese and other international flavors. Pasta, salads, sandwiches, waffles, omelets, and a wide selection of beverages, hot and cold, are offered widely. And oh, it is also a must-visit for anyone considering its stock of coke in cans from all over the world an eye-pleasing sight. [#5 JCO Arcade, Apitong Road, Tacloban City; (6353) 325 4461]

Felisa’s Café and Restaurant – This is one of the few Tacloban restaurants that went through the wear-and-tear. It serves tried and tested recipes that have been pleasing the palate of many for long. A serving of local delicacy binagol and a refreshing glass of halo-halo is considered heaven. [Justice Romualdez St., Tacloban City]

San Pedro By Seafoods – If you want to eat your seafood fresh, there’s no better choice within Tacloban than this. You will have your meal caught off the by fronting the resto so you’ll know that it’s truly fresh. [Leyte Park, Tacloban City; (6353) 325 6000]

Calle Zaragosa – This is the favorite hangout for the younger generation when nighttime comes. It serves international and local dishes served against a lid-back ambience. Grilled comfort foods are quite popular among the regular patrons of this restaurant. [www.callezaragosa.com; frontdesk@callezaragosa.com; #39 Independencia St., Tacloban City; (6353) 325 8582; (6353) 321 3197]

Fil-India Restaurant – If you re craving for Indian food but want to keep Filipino dishes at bay, it is advisable that you check out this Tacloban restaurant. It serves rich, spicy dishes that are more for the adventurous palate. [Coca-Cola Rotunda, Tacloban City]

Ocho Seafood and Grill – This seafood restaurant serves mouth-watering dishes that are delivered fresh. Guests are asked to choose from a wide variety of seafood they have on the cooler and how they like them to be cooked. After 10 to 15 minutes, the dish is served. Grilled meals are quite popular, including grilled meat. [Sen. Enage St., Baranggay 54, Tacloban City; (6353) 325 4171, (6353) 523 8808]

Guiseppe’s Italian Restaurant – If you crave for authentic Italian dishes, there’s no better place to be than this. It serves the whole lot – pasta, salad, pizza, and so much more. [www.giuseppesresto.com; jbona123@yahoo.com; 173 Avenida Veteranos, Tacloban City; (6353) 321 4910, (6353) 327 0832]

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