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Leyte Hotels and Resorts

Leyte Hotels and Resorts


Leyte with its colorful festivals and warm hospitality deserves a second look especially since this is considered as the oldest province in the Philippines. Economically developed, Leyte and in particular, Tacloban City boasts not only of a colorful history, but also it is also home to world renowned tourist attractions. However, when in Leyte, the primordial consideration of any traveler is to find a hotel that will make them feel right at home.

Leyte Park Resort Hotel

Leyte Park Resort Hotel provides 3-star lodging right in the heart of Tacloban City. Tacloban City is less than an hour away from Manila and for those coming from Cebu, the travel time is cut to less than a half, a mere 20 minutes. The Leyte Park Resort Hotel was first built in 1979 upon orders by the Former First Lady Marcos and though the hotel was closed for 3 years after the Marcos presidency, the newly renovated resort opened its doors once again in 1994. The Leyte Park Resort Hotel sits on a 6 hectare land and is a known tourist destination because of the excellent facilities and warm hospitality that every guest receives. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about the Leyte Park Resort Hotel is the picturesque view of the whole of Tacloban City since this resort is nestled on top of a hill that overlooks the pristine San Pedro bay. Exuding luxury and ambience, it’s not just the facilities that one would notice at the Leyte Park Resort Hotel, its rooms are also elegantly furnished with complete amenities such as air conditioning, cable television, a mini-bar, a receiving area and a terrace.

Dona Marta Boutique Hotel

If something more economical is what one is after, then the Dona Marta Boutique Hotel is worth considering. Although this Leyte hotel is not located in Tacloban City, Hinunagan, where it is located, is not far from the capital. The Dona Marta Boutique Hotel has received positive reviews from guests that have stayed there both Filipinos and foreigners. The quaint Dona Marta Boutique Hotel is said to be well worth the amount it charges and the restaurant serves the best food in Hinunagan. The staff at this Leyte hotel is also very accommodating but it’s not just their bilingual staff that will have one captivated. The rooms are very cozy, spacious and they have a well maintained garden and an expansive pool perfect for laps. What’s even better is that for those who just can’t get enough of the beach, a beach is only 10 yards from the Dona Marta Boutique Hotel. Everything that one could possibly ask for is within one’s reach at the Dona Marta Boutique Hotel.

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