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Turn Water Into Money

Turn Water Into Money

Water is life, this is popular saying known in every culture throughout history. But of course! We, as humans need water for continued healthy existence. But did you know that water is also money? In the olden days, water is free. In the 21st century, water is gold. Nothing’s for free anymore even water which is required for life. But because natural drinking water is getting scarcer and dirtier everyday, as enterprising as they are, humans have found a way to sell water.

A recent study showed that three of the five fastest growing food and beverage categories in the global market were beverages. The research revealed that the water business ranked among the top five in the said category. And in Asia Pacific region alone, bottled water was shown as the single fastest growing product in the food and beverage category with a growth of 7% back in 2001.

In the Philippines today, many of us have witnessed the mushrooming of various water refilling stations one after the other. Such booming business can be attributed to the growing awareness of people to a healthy lifestyle, which includes safe drinking water. It can also be traced to the convenience of buying water due to the difficulty in the supply of potable water particularly in the metropolis.

In large cities around the world, safe drinking water can only be obtained from bottled sources unless you want to get ill form drinking contaminated water. Pollution has been the culprit of this scenario. To quench your thirst nowadays, you have to shell out money.

But before you consider venturing into this booming business, you might want to consider several factors which I have looked into recently, particularly on whether to franchise a refilling station or simply be an independent seller of bottled water.

Based on several interviews conducted among existing sellers, the bottled water business is profitable with return on investments ranging from as early as 10 months to two years, depending largely on your store’s location.

Operators of these stations are also one in saying that maintaining their stores comes easy once you have your set of loyal customers. Staff requirement could range from 2 to 5 people depending on the deliveries that you have to meet. And yes, offering free delivery services is a must among refilling stations as majority of the customers are residents or companies who would want to enjoy the convenience of having their water delivered to them. Moreover, having a refilling station do not require a big store (considering the rental fees nowadays) as these stations can fit into as small as 3 meters by 1 meter space, depending on your tank and filtering system.


  1. rhon

    the equipment can fit into your given area but the government, specifically the Department of Health requires a 5mx5m floor area for a water refilling station.

  2. Meg

    I would like to ask if there is a seminar about how to put up a refilling station? I want to be an independent seller and want to know how to go about the water business… I want to know where I can buy the filtering system that would not go over my budget so I can start a small station here in my area.

  3. Jon-Jon

    I’m intersted in putting up water refilling station. Do you have any idea how much is the equipment would cost? What are the requirements in putting up this business ?

  4. AbdulMutalib Usman

    I’m intersted in putting up water refilling station. Do you have any idea how much is the equipment would cost? Building praparation is our probided?

    Water Source:
    Deep weel
    Characterestic of water:
    Cristal Clear
    Note: past for Chemical analysis ang and Bacteriological examination
    Dalumangcob, Sultan Kudarat, (Maguindanao)Shariff Kabunsuan, Province

  5. mark

    i am also interested in putting up some water refilling station, what are the requirements and cost of putting up this business? would you be able to direct me to the appropriate company? thanks

  6. Maria Kuch

    Hello My friend and I are planning to set up a water refilling station, we are looking in Manila but no specific location yet. Is there a site that we can look to find some informative points in setting up this kind of business. We want to know how much capital do we need to start? what information do we need to learn in starting the water refilling based on Dept of health guidelines. I would really appreciate if you send us information about this matter.

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